A New Beginning

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    All of that isn't enough for me, I want the big hit, I want to enchant things back and forth, to mate with strong, fast, diverse literature beyond genres despite a dubious market, despite Okay with by no means ready to bleed to death in self-publishing, I just think to myself times the reader wisely. I want

    Creating a world, a whole dimension

    feeling the unbridled intoxication as it unfolds from the pocket in which I have played with it since kindergarten. From the storyteller for the assigned fellow walker to the mud poet carnival.

    I emerge from the many inner selves, Guardian Angels, friends from the other side, Charlies and pure shadows, gutted, slut-heavy, following rules is not my thing.

    I don't want to drown in conformity, my audience is uncouth, courageous and rough, port bars of the progressive, stand-up comedy of the revolution.

    I don't entertain, I cut paths, let body, mind and soul freeze.

    I am my characters, I am the legendary figure, but I am also just another coffee house anarchist, a garage existence.  

    A little occultist. Whatever that can be these days, because a lot of it is neither sensible, useful, real nor appropriate. But what you can do with it when you free it from the bloated madness, like from any other religion or spirituality, is fascinating and leads back to creation and design.  

    As expansive as it is overwhelmed, a second half of life, driven by the first, everything united in fantasy.

    Like Pratchett, whom I learned to love very early on, when he was still doing his magic without being recognized and impressed me with the octarine, which even magicians included in their repertoire, how Pratchett managed to bring almost all topics into his Discworld, right down to the scientific aspects a tear-jerking masterpiece of complexity and erudition.

    I want to go there.

    And the way he even finds his way back to the earth called the Round World just gives me goosebumps. So I sit down next to everything else and design a modern, magical (future) world.

    And I don't intend to bother with ordinary, average restrictions, of course it has to be a megaverse. From its design to its end.

    There are hardly any other similarly powerful role models, perhaps Tolkien or Martin. The two multiplied by Gibson and Dante.

    Off to


    based on a fascinating long-forgotten Marvel idea, an intermediate dimension that connects all dimensions and universes. And all of this is not only connected in the imaginary, the realities have become interchangeable consumer pleasures, but many flavors of ice cream is not a bad thing, refine your taste, train yourself to a new wedding of being.

    I want to bring a certain lightness into this heaviness, into the depth and complexity that awaits readers or viewers or listeners or players, ideally all of that and even more, the travellers.

    As a horned caricaturist of his own banality, but also as a fighter for meaning. Far from the factually skewed bubble chambers with their simplified joys. Because I'm not ready to stand still. And everything is satire and horror and fantasy and nonreality, but also politics, change management, transhuman mystification. I've been working on these approaches for a long time, but what comes next and what that would mean has been on my mind for a long time. Leaping from the edge of the plate, always outside the box.

    And how we hold this surreal rise of everything is possible together is up to me.

    For example, I like the connection concept from Sense 8. Or the idea I picked up somewhere that reincarnation is something that happens at the same time. That means we are beings who live all of their past and future reincarnations at the same time beyond time. In these exciting times, one could also conclude that we as beings are currently being born by AIs of the future. Tough numbers for philosophers from the Aldi supermarket, right Mr. Precht!? I also let previously known things fall into my unknown, like the demons from Goetia or Lovecraft's Necronomicon, Wonderland is just a perfect starting point. Narnia. Oh, collective unconscious, how welcome you are to me. Again, Marvel is a nice parallel world example.

    One of the reasons why I will partly work with Creative Common or Open Source and the paywall is only intended for survival is because I want to maximize the spread and the crowd to create such a world without allowing its creator and first thinker to be forgotten, but I like alternative concepts of marketing and production, even partial texts could be outsourced or multi-rewritten.

    There is never a limit to be drawn for positive developments, the so-called bad guys don't stick to rules either, so the good guys should rethink theirs and live differently.  

    We can't possibly leave all this to Zuckerberg, Musk and Altman. Who resents working from home like a banal Bavarian pretzel producer.

    In content production, creating worlds it is no different, we are only at the beginning of what share will mean, currently Boomy is killing the idea of ​​songs production and earning money with. I mean, we are moving towards a collective human superintelligence, to which we remain connected individual beings, if we even want to.

    Maybe the upload isn't so unreal after all, what are you supposed to do if you were allowed to do everything you wanted to do that could be physically explored for 150 years. Speaks a hundred languages ​​and carries around eight thousand skills in the skill book. Immortal Boredom.

    Here I mostly indicate myself; every text that is edited fairly often is a hologram. Blog in Blog s in Blog s in Blog s. Books in books, films in films in films. Escher's glow.

    This is what I want. One beer bottle later, one Midwest Trail, one free, happy Neverending Story:

    The break clown is usually the perpetrator.

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