Canceled: The end of humanity

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    I put the next Baxter after the long earths and the scholars of the Discworld into the waste paper as if bitten by a tarantula. I feel uncomfortable in this child-friendly 2-5 word sentence language.

    Taken back to the

    womb of thought

    when tabloid formats shaped my attention span. But even man evolves, isn't it like that?  

    I'm also embarrassed to note that this is a continuation of the nonsense War of the Worlds, which certainly made a lot of sense given the level of knowledge at the time. But despite all the cognitive tricks, it is no longer really appropriate to assume an invasion from Mars, not even in fanaticism (!), or even to continue it in an even more nonsensical way.

    It's as if we were talking about this in a few years. Trump was a human being and his activities were lovingly prepared humanism for the silent majority.