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    Activism is an Act of Wisdom


    After years like the last ones from Friday for Future to BLM and the Covid or lateral thinker failure, more current and intense than ever, as an article still far too tame and suggestive, but here is the place where the

    Crossing threads

    While a bizarre everyday existence that is spilling over everything around us threatens to force us to take responsibility and reflect, poisoners and Belarusian tyrants are allowed to continue playing in the name of political character residue, perhaps one of the officially accessible bank accounts is blocked, Europe is lonely and feeling sorry for itself in a discourse about the minimum level of decency and humanity, which is embarrassing for everyone, regardless of whether they are a socialist, Christian or (trans-)humanist.

    We are in a state of disarray and must act as an individual community. Far from those who pretend to control and think that everything will only stagger even worse.

    Whether in their regulatory failure or, worse, their venality. Which we ourselves reflect, of course. But only those who want to be victims are victims in these latitudes.

    Awakening as a base. Whether with umbrellas or anonymously. And while nothing without coincidence but more and more escalating, still too many people are absent and waiting for what can only be powerfully pointed out once again to the title and everything is put on the understanding and action to begin.


    My first little Instagram and Twitter hashtag thing, I was reserved over the last few years. I wanted to educate myself a bit and start to see things through.

    Somehow, it feels like the timing is right now. The individual, diverse, colorful and honestly committed movements are all being shown respect, and many of them are worth remembering.

    Not a new edition, not an innovation, but what we all have to do. It is a global awakening, alongside the most beautiful, the most beautiful, the recognition of where and how and what and perhaps also why we are what we can be and what follows from that.  

    No further excuses are acceptable, nor can we continue to ignore our obligations to the past. Our only focus must be on our present and future actions.

    Blood on every limb, every man and every woman.

    This gives rise to thousands of needs, aspects and opportunities. Many of these are content in this Blog and are now slowly but steadily being re-staged in the associated social media resources, some of a more local nature, some of a more supra-regional nature.

    Yes, Madhatter's Home is, if anything, extremely political, but also absolutely non-denominational, a new form of "party" movement. The Jabberwockys are everywhere, not just in right-wing or Islamic ideology, Pixar's Monsters Inc. trivialized all of that somewhat.

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