African Dreams

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    are the first gimmick that sweetens my day, perhaps I react particularly to them because dream memories have been one of my unusual misses for several years, and that from someone whose youth was determined by the dream factor, by its exploration and its value to be recaptured .

    Beyond Freud

    , hand in hand with Jung and who else, how weakened the meaning was and is viewed scientifically and psychologically for a long time is an example of the ignorance of the establishment, unwilling to incapable of change, innovation as a threat, and to this day there is a lack of any intelligent and interdisciplinary research into it lucid dream.

    Why mine may be reduced, only in memory of course, shouldn't be surprising given the multimedia lifestyle in a monitor island, I'm in a constant dream, my personal cuckoo's nest hardly needs any unconscious teasing anymore. one would like to believe, but on the contrary, the flash of true deep self-content is always the most beautiful thing of all, this strange sweetness, the passionate staccato of energy, which otherwise seems to drip and flood.

    Unforced and almost uninvited, because there is enough to do even without dream content, it is particularly sexy to approach the meaning or the creative nonsense, equivalent to a perceptual psychological test, an elephant that seems to be viewed from many sides and touchable.

    I dream of being in Africa

    , an outskirts of Nairobi or a similar city, I made contacts there to build a project, a company, that deals with a new form of football.

    It's supposed to create a trend, and I'm going to the slums of African cities to use young talent to create a kind of football squash in a small space with elements of futsal and old-fashioned European indoor football, which starts to get faster and faster as the game progresses. The ball may shrink and multiply as the players slowly become fewer, a dynamic, very e-gaming oriented soccer.

    In the dream itself, everything is everyday and I discuss with my contact there how the project could be pushed forward, I visit a settlement where such a soccer box could be set up, I observe some young people in everyday life, I am also in a relationship with a woman, etc It's as it should be, it's a very pleasant work trip, relaxed but goal-oriented.

    Even if the detailed memory goes beyond a few houses and an African city atmosphere

    is missing, the creative start-up and corporate feeling after waking up makes up for a lot. Beyond Alps, dream memories always brightened my mood. The stress arose in the phases in which the beautiful, open, creative being was neglected because of all the work.  

    Dream Culture like Aboriginies or Dogon could be a management factor and ability of the future.

    A shared dream workboard between companies, I think the extent of greatness would exceed anything that has existed before, as long as voluntariness is maintained. Like mindfulness, dreamworking could be a wonderful Trojan horse to transform capitalism from within.

    During my research into the events of the last 10 or 20 years, I regretfully discovered that only recently has there been a bit of momentum in dream and sleep research, but there are hardly any positive and socially relevant projects on this subject. Something very surprising when you consider the potential. And a great gap in the market, worldwide.