All the Dreams

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    And what was still a remembered foam of yesterday is today even more worn out, at best still a fantasy flavored with hope. Assumptions about what it could have been. Nevertheless, it is striking how much more lively the night chatter has been since the wild ride through Europe's banal celebrations: I should have gone to Lviv or even further, the taste of the powder on my tongue instead of all the crimes against my foodie soul.

    I'm going to the south with a couple, they're hipsters escaping the city, the kids are there too, casual and a bit of a role model, would I need one or would that be my thing, to idolize someone, but they have a house in the countryside, full of bohemian feeling, Lots of animals, they actually get visitors like Snow White once did, at least that's how the dream memory reflects it.

    A wildcat, a cougar? , later when I woke up in my childhood basement apartment, with the rotten, damp wooden floor, as if from a hope in reality but still only in a dream, there were big cats in front of my door, that's always a good thing, animals are one Energy in itself, archaic, Jungian, Freud is out of place today.

    Nevertheless, scene after scene gets lost, mostly in this calf problem, which can't decide between a torn muscle fiber and a bleeding Baker's cyst, Schrödinger's calf, well, no one ever taught me how to elevate my legs.


    I happily reflect on the angelic energy, the couple leaves me sweet and sexual from the dream, painkillers relax muscles and tendons, nothing will be amputated today.

    Except for the spirit of adventure, I'm lying idle, neither Kerouc nor Siddharta, annoyed and misunderstood.

    Vibrant, fresh colors, a bottle of LSD water in the fridge, the favorite Cheshire Cat brought it from Ozora. I have to wait, I'm not even wearing pants and I'm already masturbating in the afternoon like I usually do late at night at best.

    I can't really describe what this triggers you to do, it's like a maggot in the jam jar of various escapes, annoyed by every cool pack, despised by the limping wizard, who almost resembles the hobbits because of it, nothing against hobbits, they're always there in the mood to celebrate, no matter how shitty things are in Middle-earth.

    Another mug on the gas charge while the stabbing pain leaves me. I explain his twink's mindset to a young gentleman on Insta, I write in a frenzy as an excuse not to have to read. That's too meditative for me.

    Buddha Music!!, a good title from the old days comes to mind, I am a ballerina of unpolished prose, a magnet for boasting, I would have liked to have brought a lot more with me from the REM room, my safe space, I have that a long time ago Sacrificing lucidity for some relaxation from thinking, since I can no longer think so precisely, I could perhaps go back to the start here.

    The techno elf from Berlin who insulted me as Falco on the phone comes to mind, as a coke addict because I sometimes breathed heavily because of a stuffy nose and was raised as she called it, who described herself as a golden vanilla gosling, like being in a team instead of being alone in her chic Schöneberg old building apartment, she falls into my associations, everything is fatally fluffy and misunderstood, we are all Gaga without a lady.

    Think again about becoming a social worker and a mushroom dealer, ideally both combined.

    Everything is water, everything is emotion.

    Queer Lights

    Accompany and mate with me on this path, even the onset of rain is intimidated by the heat of the city, makes little more than a damp panties, lets the words twist, the phases flail, but there's nothing you can find, inner bitch, all of them other selves are at Pride.

    The Eden of language perhaps, but be careful with it, it is your last possession, the emptiness of your apartment is not your imagination since you no longer have goats, no hamster cheeks, all the kittens are gone.

    Now it's raining harder and bolder from the sky. Salman Rushdie survived, despite the disgusting stupidity of his bearded captors. Nowhere is there more secret blowing than in Tehran.

    But these are the dreamer's trivialities, I never wanted to get out of bed again while this couple was inside him. It's only since everything's gone that I've been stumbling around outside, from the bank to the pharmacy and back again.

    Let's create another virtual credit card for three more months Free Spotify, my fly is a rabbit hole, I'm undressing you, I like the growing bush around your world tree, I see it in front of me, I can see it growing and thriving in my brain anticipate, I want you to ride timeless beauty vices.

    Be my flesh in all forms, as I am yours, because nothing comes close to whatever is promised to us, every promise is a consolation, every consolation is a lie, every lie is a dream.

    I wander across the Martian deserts into the chaos of the cold millennium. All tipping points have long since been pressed. We are the babies, the experimental mice of the corporations, still better than slaves to an imaginary god, we are the aliens of our own fairy tales, my shamelessness is the gift at the altar of drama.

    The ice wind drives you far out into the black longing, when did we leave the encapsulated self in favor of more diverse being together, do we see our old bodies still mourning thirstily and were the illusions we created strong enough for a new diversity?

    We drink from each other, we enjoy life, sometimes, all too rarely, what I'm making up here lights up, neither the place, the time nor the duration of the sparks are important, it's the glow of a cigarette in factionless space.

    I actively imagine, I don't indulge in dreams, I get what inspires me, mermaid and tiger pussy, rainbow salsa, lascivious desire in the house of love. I am an iniquity of joy, an evil flower without remorse.

    Down to Earth

    The next cool pack on the fiber crack, a metaphor for the current political situation. On the question of civilization itself. Europe's flames, drying up springs, bludgeoned youth, anxiously bludgeoned of course, I find myself in the waiting room, it has never been easier to act clearly.

    Without a doubt, to walk out of the system, to design self-sufficient existence, to come into contact, to ask for forgiveness, to one's own children. All children.

    What my cohort thought and still think is far from me, it no longer shocks me. It's like dreams, everything fades into the everyday blue.

    That breaks into gray and brown, that only delivers a tolerable 9 to 5 based on favors and through theft, already wounded and wondering who will fix it all.

    Hoarse laughter in the cigar club. On the islands of the rich, everything has long been prepared. I like the young Lebanese intern, the Slovakian vein specialist, the Romanian cleaning lady, here in the trauma room of the surgery are a lot of old white men and women whose tomorrow depends on the creepily diverse generation being less of an asshole than their own.

    But what do I care, I'll use the next climate bonus to buy my ticket to Thailand instead of paying heating bills, I'll write a damn about Schufa in the sand and make a living forever. A book per life, a Blog and lots of love in colorful.