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    is the key concept of my web presences, the background and challenges of which cannot be overlooked by skimming.

    And this is exactly what is and should be yours 


    be. The individual articles, contributions, projects, books, EVERYTHING is and is changed, improved, rewritten, embellished, intuitively or sometimes very thoughtfully planned, whatever seems sensible or attractive. Also open to error, I switched back a day later and didn't stay on the wrong path out of shame.

     It is a conscious live transmission of the creative process, which is why cache plugins should not be used by me or the visitor. There is no finished end product, because regardless of whether this personal Blog , the hatter as a community idea or niches like Testdrive Unlimited , Graz am Meer or The Mindful Traveler, among many others, are supposed to reflect the chaotic reality of life and its interactions.  

    Even the selection of publishers and partners such as Amazon, Google or Issuu is far from arbitrary, we are on  

    Kindergarten class fine age perception distortion effect 

    interested and counteracted wherever possible. Personal preferences are by no means intended or intended to be generally valid. And then again.  

    The fluidity, which is perhaps unusual for my visitors, is intended above all to do justice to the Internet and its possibilities. It always amazes me how conventionally and STATICALLY everything wants to be done, how it CAN BE FREEZED when completely new perspectives were made possible when the Internet opened up began to shape our experience of the world. 


    are phenomena to be analyzed. I also speak from my standpoint in art and literature. The risklessness of what I occasionally encounter, despite professional masterpieces and highlights of personal style, is both disturbing and confusing.  

    I want to be a latecomer, not a pioneer, with my texts and my approach and interpretation of storytelling. IT'S 2020 AND A LOT OF THINGS FEEL LIKE THE EIGHTIES IN terms of the level of innovation, THE REST IS REMEMBERING THE FORties AND THE BIEDERMEIER. NOT ONLY IN ISLAM.


    Hopefully, in my style and my activism, an unforeseeably diverse and relaxed, free fauna and flora can emerge that is what I miss in these critical lines. Perhaps she will ignore this current idea of ​​fractal unregulated heartiness and will pursue and dare to achieve completely different realizations. The  

    International Language Effect

    is probably still unknown territory. Penetrating rather than challenging social media and countless other services that represent the power and beauty of the Internet is another important point. So many and so many sales markets and content channels.

    A kind of changelog is necessary and will receive a more prominent presentation, a timeline to orientate my inner development, outdoing all the revisions, the confusions and changes, a further analogy to the builds of the programmers, which are also found in all other art forms should be more intense. The nonsense of the static requirement in this day and age and the pragmatics of sticking to it because it's a little cheaper. When will the first literary star start publishing himself? I will force this too.

    The revisions are omnipresent and the interaction with services and social media is now increasing more and more. Also the increase of external material or guests, colleagues.  

    Of course, all of this requires the necessary overview formats. Bioholographic, because in many articles there is a kind of reflection of what is contained in everything, that is the concept behind it.  

    Also the jigsaw of everything I do that magically correlates with the first reality games. And the cliff cave city of Free Haven from Demon World finds its equivalent in the Italian Matera and the Mindful Traveler. But that's another post on another Blog .

    These crowd and tribe values ​​and basics are also reflected in the memberships and buy with a coffee or a joint, as well as my individual shapeshifting as one of my favorite skills.

    Audio and visual painting seen in a modern light, my horror at the state of the world and the bewilderment of its interpreters, we venture into Wonderland because it is considered a de Rjungian space of what I prepare for tomorrow. But the stumbling everywhere is a concern.

    In my own forgotten longing for the same dreams as every microbe, of mating, of nourishing, of sorrow drinking at the bosom of the world. All of this is permanent, hope flickering in the present, meeting an unknown person.

    You perceive what I am, but tomorrow perceive my tomorrow, I don't want to be measured by this text, this expression, I am becoming.