Amy - The Girl behind the Name

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    Ignorance is sometimes a blessing if you don't give in to it but are ready for the quantum leap or the little private illumination, letting a new thing live a life, trying out other perspectives, cultures or simply discovering an exciting singer right off the bat, because In their heyday, people indulged in other things that were a bit arrogant and fixated, which now plunge the world into a perfect twilight, and Amy Winehouse is to me what my daughter Lost, six seasons at once.  

    Well, we always have someone who can intoxicate you, whose existence is not limited to everyday life, yes, the gossip and

    Celebrity Press

    , the whole influencer and speaker rush, which has broken down into stupidity, is based on this longing to be special, but with a spicy chili look, there is usually only a little girl who mostly had the wrong friends, but also chose the others who were there, and a little would have needed more therapy, because we were all pretty wrong from the seventies to the nineties, sometimes even in bohemian Paris, there is nothing worthwhile in repeating old mistakes.

    So I let myself be enlightened for the first time by the Oscar-winning documentary film Asif Kapadias, who is very much helped by the fact that Amy, already filming and photographing, interviewing and examining in a multimedia world, had no protective shield against the deprivatization of her soul.

    Whether one has to use this so much to simulate preparation, where mostly only a line-up takes place, an endless, barely processable pearl necklace of material goes through as if he had five times more of it. It seemed so random sometimes.

    The girl

    But it's so good in its heyday that it carries the film right through to the home stretch, just when it threatens to get serious it falls off, becomes banal, average, as is so often the case, something starts better than it ends, why should it in the film be different like in life.

    And Ms. Winehouse is not suitable for a happy ending, that becomes clear very quickly and how one can grow old in the music business is sufficiently and extensively obvious. Mostly as a caricature of the good times.

    That's why you shouldn't believe all the assurances too much, not even from the girl who wanted to die, everyone who watches this documentary knows who is to blame and represses it, but it should also be remembered that the work itself is given far too little attention this long confusion.

    I know more about her drug addiction than I do about her music.

    Why Amy still deserves a WOW is the diversity of those involved, it's really exemplary how extensive the meanings are, the shards of memories of the people she met, and that the director was almost like me a nerd, someone who had nothing to do with Amy had to do but have to believe everything from these opinions and the material together, one can certainly see it positively, and who can really get an end to this lesson in how not to do it, as a young person, as a companion, as a parent, as Friend.

    Being naive was the prerogative of those who are now somewhat older; the explosion of knowledge causes responsibility to explode with it.

    The duet with Tony Bennett remains in memory, her smile when she was still just smoking weed, mentally very low reporters, unnecessary jokes, real tears, and a voice to long for.