23.5 C

    At that time there was no

    At that time there was no

    Sometime between 2139 and 2257, timekeeping concepts broke down beyond repair, local times remain important, but you must adapt, bonobo, to understand this story from the morning. 

    First of all, it should be mentioned that:

    The climate issue

    got out of hand.

    On the one hand, we owe it a not too tragic but complex consequence: highly technological city states, ecocracies under the flag of the United Nations better cities. On the other hand, palm trees in Greenland and a blooming Siberia are of course not something you just eat up, are they?

    The early 21st century mind refuses to mentally and emotionally grasp what could hardly be saved into the smartphone and internet, let alone the AI age

    Yes, there were many winners and even more losers and that is why every global initiative was ultimately a farce to distract. Things went really badly for the Asians, China basically controlled itself to death. You can't robotize 1, 2, 3 billion people with consumption. Maybe if they had pushed ahead with the individual mass printer more quickly, but even then freedom would have been expressed simply.

    NO WAY.

    Implo etchings, beta states, that was what was described in Pot. Storylines of Reconstruction. Doubt about the Beeing. From whatever perspective one looks at the titles.

    Like those 3D pictures from the 1980s, you know the ones, you get to see different parts of a scene depending on your hold and viewing angle.

    That was fascinating for a pre-digital young creature. I also remember model trains being awesome.

    And now we have arrived in beautiful new worlds, perfect eco-islands in the middle of tropical paradises, a little less diverse, but it is bubbling and the whole planet is like a rainforest. The sea is a little more complicated, the point of no return has ultimately turned everything around thanks to Climatewolf.

    No matter, I'm sipping cocktails at the North Pole, who would want to stop that? Arctica is mostly open territory, a colorful, brave people.

    The real America, the real land of freedom, because we didn't have to exterminate anyone for it is one of the nasty, but actually quite laugh-out-loud slogans here.

    And before you get too excited and happily book the next flight to New Mallorca, let me say that despite the awesome ending, the suffering before it was not worth it. This terraforming could have been planned a little more carefully. 

    My daughter is playing in the sand next to me with her immortal baby kittens, each one barely bigger than a house mouse and so goddamn adorable that they beam permanent grins onto my face while I pontificate about some kind of end of the world. Now, Armageddon has always been a subjective experience.

    Humans and Inhumans have everything under control again

    , so we hear, lol, every year new, mostly privately financed spaceships and arks set off for interplanetary ideas or even new solar systems.


    If I need adrenaline or dopamine or whatever, I simply ask my Medical Assist to change the dosage of my daily food/drink and/or change reality; my Hololenses and implants reliably transport me to some of the best artwork ever.

    Here on Gaia, one should stop behaving like a half-ape and enjoy celebrating a thousand or more years of life. Power structures and ideologists can look for other earths, everything has become very decent and nice, without fears and with basic needs satisfied, even the typical greedy is just a pale marginal figure.

    True too:

    Even if you can have everything, feel everything, experience everything without harming others, then someone will always want to be Hitler in some parallel surreality, but for the majority of people such madness hardly affects us and we live balanced lives, we surf on an incredible flow into the Megaverse. 

    Nothing would have happened if it had gone well, but it would have been untrue. There were very scary times, the overview was lost, and there will never be one again. When I said earlier that a kind of eco-technocracy had prevailed and yes, the most common crime today is one against the environment, but it is usually clear that as part of the biosphere we respect and protect it, then that is just MY reality.

    So many soups everywhere, I would suggest viewing my reports as subjective journalism, I don't hold back with my opinion, but what the heck, once you realize that the beauty of chaos, the Kali Yuga is a wonderful exploded Pandora's box, that beyond good and evil we will become our own mythology and in some cases already have, then you're reading me correctly.

    I am not a chronicler, all chroniclers are liars, I prefer to be an entheogenic drinker who dreams. 

    And these god damn cute kittens don't exist, they would never have been allowed into the regulatory castles of the bureaucrats who were too stupid to intelligently manage the change, even though they usually had all the tools to do so. Anarchy can lead to something balanced in the long run. And we have always been anarchic, our addiction to control has been the biggest fake of all.

    What is worrying is whether they finally know what they are doing with their quantum Ki s. Doubts are justified.


    as I always say. 

    My daughter calls out something to me, and when I look at her I have the feeling that I have made the right choices a long time ago.

    Welcome to


    The pandemonium. Let us praise the day before the evening. It is finished. 

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