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    What Living Easy seems to today's individual realist, this stylish, good-natured bohemian with self-defense skills (both are inspired by the Tools of Titans and Mentors manual character, also in the structure, the segmentation from non-fiction to open transcription instead of the usual standard writing), is Be the Difference in his passion for collecting on a large scale, in big thinking, because this is exactly what is necessary with all the wonderful regional local individual pastures, yeah, if you can record my brain while I'm thinking, I've reached my goal.

    Of course not forgetting Sherwood Forest as a nasty shady kickbox into the kidneys of the establishment elsewhere .

    But here and there: Change Now and its printed Greta braids are that

    Tibet of change

    This is not intended to be an allusion to abstruse theories from the spiritual kindergarten, just clickbait roof of the world imagery without any wisdom.

    But in any case an unconditional work. Simply by trying and seducing all the changemakers near and far in networks, pregnant with my and their ideas and creating what is still missing, developing something global from grassroots. A hub.

    In many cases, their achievements are simply not public enough and the potential behind them is only partially utilized. There is hardly any overview and workflow, and it is also harder to grasp the colorful aspects than the compliant main. Ask at the hatter's shop.

    But in addition to the individual focus, it is very much about shared well-being. A worthwhile concept that integrates perfectly into the Mindful Traveling ideas. Because establishing connections shouldn’t just be left to virtual exchanges. Again, the ethics and ecoscore principles are also on board.

    Never without a critical approach because this is the only way to ensure you create the best possible thing. Exploit the potential. Be the Difference as a book and Change Now as a website doesn't stop at 10 or 20 samples. It should be a

    World Altlas of changing times

    be. A Google for the Change. From Wanda Palmers to the Dalai Lama, from Elon Musk to the Eden Project or Anton Zeilinger in Vienna. In all of these, however, they also need to be examined critically. And equally important things can be found on a small scale. It is a

    1000 Projects you should support before we all die

    dimensioned undertaking, a tonic for everyone who often still feels alone.

    We are surrounded by people/initiatives who are building something good, who do not allow themselves to be infected by the generally valid dogmatism and addiction to control, but who work visionary and oriented towards the common good. On the one hand, it's about working out with which means, skills and innovations, basics they were able to develop and, on the other hand, to better support and network them, what and how more public and influencing can be made possible for them, and where there is already use and skill for these POIs have led.

    Actually like flat pimp Ferriss, but without his egomaniacal center, which he only puts on a sometimes almost cute soul mask, the choice of his interview partners says more about him than anything else.

    But the idea is too good to be left to Ferrissons or Hillmen.

    Like Humans or the Tools, Be the Difference/ Change Now is portrayal and gigantic, but with a different selection, with a Bye Bye Toxics, instead of celebrating old school thinking and steering. Seen this way, a counter-proposal with the same goal. And as always, it can be broadcast multidimensionally, starting from the website, into all channels imaginable.

    It brings us into the spotlight the energy and joy, the foresight and sustainability of an entire generation of helpers for a better, more relaxed future of togetherness.

    Jane Goddall, Nobel Prize winners like Muhammud Yunnus with his microcredits, eco-village founders and initiatives, what do they do, how and with what methods and skills and how can they be implemented and globalized if they are not already? The good old NLP modeling is finally used for something useful and not just for your own profit.

    A DEmand Printed and Webbased Whole Earth Catalog for a crucial decade.

    This leads to many areas of life, because it happens all the time but is often drowned out by loud noises and screamers.
    And because I am who I am, the content is critically proofed. Here are the products and initiatives that you can really recommend wholeheartedly as something for a better tomorrow and today, not biofarce and sunshine blah blah. No wannabe fair trade and no oat flakes that cost three times as much without packaging as with. No social enterprise under the hood that exploits its own employees.

    I'm looking for the most successful examples, both internally and externally, and also the most efficient ones, which is another blind spot on the bright side of power. That's the only way imitation makes sense. I want to show how powerful and extensive change can be initiated and through which processes it can be optimized and copied here and immediately brought into the local, regional or, conversely, can expand into the global.  

    The stage belongs to the Earth Angels and Futurists, who are building together what could, will, change our world for the better. I love the variety on offer and could serve a publisher/producer a few hundred rolls for brunch. Some of these only require email contact. How much Ferriss influences me is of course almost a bit embarrassing, but he is the master copyist par excellence, why should I reject the best concept I know only to invent it in the end with almost the same design?    

    But all in all, on the one hand there are simple, simple ideas in my world, but for some I would like a rocket start like this. Gladly based on the crowd I write about, but my experience also speaks about their inability to play big.

    My personality

    is structured completely differently, even if Living Easy and Change Now can be written and developed at the same time and are one of my constants in traveling, at least alongside the Mindful Traveler itself, the chaotic nature requires a kind of conception to which I can send all the experiences .

    I love the “art form” of the interview, which Ferriss serves up to me inspired by his tools, but I see very little evolution since Warhol; it is a stunted field. The genius of a conversation, of an interested and as authentic and deep interaction as possible, so much so that I am starting to discuss it here and process it artistically. I think the culture of faux pas and social media openness, of filters, oppresses this form of communication, a deep structure that cannot be abolished in 5 minutes of editing and eight times edited. Of course everything was approved and clarified to the PR agent.

    Make a Difference, Be the Difference

    In all of this, it is an endless smartball of opportunities, arranged from A to Z, that are worth seizing and promoting worldwide. The slogan of the twin tower called

    It's time to act

    was created next and will also find its place in this colorful joyhouse of design.

    There isn't just one Jane Goddall, there are a lot of these amazingly magical animal protection projects, and a lot of Jane Goddalls out there at the moment. I'm just thinking of this former photo model, a young Turk who looks after dogs somewhere in this huge country in mind that require our attention as examples. It's so much out there, but we simply have to organize ourselves better and just as smartly as the patriarchal Freudian anal social concept.

    The density of the presentation makes the work. Similar documentaries and non-fiction books are usually quieter, less gigantic, which seems understandable given the ideological background. Here I am transhuman greedy. Insatiable.

    So I meet people, communities, projects, interview and portray and analyze their actions in Make it too kits alongside or after the portraits/reports. If necessary, network them better than before, yes that will be the case.

    I'm finally modeling something meaningful. Not the next and the next get-rich self-help tool, but rather the true Green New Deal beyond the more individual DIY Living Easy .

    I don't know which of the two book and web projects works faster, they are both in strong competition despite so many saying the same thing. And because of Putin's war, intention is also loose, which became one of the main motives for me in republishing this article.

    It's cruel and terrible and I'm very geopolitically involved, I can be moved by peace. But the big scabs of madness happen behind it, the excuses for exposing various changes, blurred out, the hidden grind of many nations and corporations. So many disgusts, that's why the change and art of living movement needs new impulses more than ever. Luise can't do it alone. And sticking to intersections is just one from many pathways we have to choose.

    A shame we live in

    What does it mean to choose and live what you do? You are integrated into yourself and your becoming, and from that comes what should emerge every day. My Blog are nothing else. From the grown and healthily trimmed millinery, the congenial Madhatters Home, to Graz am Meer, Artflut and whatever else makes all the fickle circles of being rush along.

    The modeling concept of NLP has become one of the most important things to me, even beyond what is presented here. But this is more relevant to coaching and modern magic.

    I use it non-stop.

    Who does what and how best?

    Never settle for mediocre, always strive to model the best possible variation of the best possible variation. This should not be confused with the optimization madness of our time and will be easily distinguishable in the final development.

    I don't want to dilute the ecstatic passion of the project. But it is wonderful in itself to travel Europe and the world and to meet relaxed, valuable and visionary people, tribes, companies, inventive, enthusiastic, courageous, meaningful, to communicate with them, to focus on them or their content deliver. Maybe contribute positively or sometimes decisively to their development.

    This is where my inner changemaker blossoms.

    And to distill the essence from it, like an alchemist, perhaps even to extract the respective philosopher's stone from it.

    Some things sound simpler and more possible if you write them down and tell them to someone who still believes in doing something instead of just plodding along. The one of the ten. When you see and feel it happening.

    Of course, in auditing and addressing potential business contacts, new responsibilities arise for me beyond the break clown.

    That's why I like to use the book and website as examples. I would love to do some things completely differently. Despite holding on to them, some are no longer important to me. But here many old and new threads meet and want to be spun together.

    Three quarters of a year with my current NGO have shown me all too clearly the reasons I feared for the slow pace of change and all the backslashes. And then the Queen dies to me and shows other frightening, banal conditions of human civilization. It doesn't take a war to make you sick.

    I'm looking forward to being able to invest more time and energy in really important campaigns again soon, and no longer get lost in discussions about which footer or logo fits better or should definitely be placed. Green, like blue, red, black or pink, tends to shy away from changing fundamental structures.

    The world is no longer the world itself, it is just a lobby. With a strict VIP club and bouncers.

    After many millennia of madness, suddenly being allowed to return to Eden and their earthly privileges seem to frighten many. Because one thing is immediately true. Eden is suddenly fucking close. But it needed us.

    Change (this ) Now. It's time to act.

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