Bullshit jobs

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    Anthropology may always work like this, but making a pseudoscientific study out of a few hundred partially anonymous letters is, like many psychology or medicine studies on twenty patients, an insult to the scientific idea.

    Which even speaks for the idea, as it can withstand this execution. But perhaps this was also a kind of self-irony. And anarchists do strangely exciting things.

    Unfortunately, when he sets up criteria and begins to torment a reader who is already feverish with gibberish, things get naughtily bad. And a little too neurotic.

    I've rarely spent so much time reading a book that interested me, and over time, skimming through the blah became almost pathological.

    When it comes to showing why all these jobs are created, this occupational therapy. And just as people could have developed a relaxed twenty-hour week or less a long time ago, if there weren't some tricks involved.

    Actually a bullshit book 🙂

    When discussing work, you should also take a closer look at your free time while the world around you is burning down.

    Technically possible

    What is all this for?

    Personally, I think that this could definitely be deleted because there are simply too many assholes that you can't get to with an eco or ethical score.

    This book has a forever place in the Sherwood Forest preparation course. Memorable.