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    Daily Doses of Perception/20


    November Rain. But Axl had more intense topics. And Barbara was a nicer reason for sentimentality. What remains is a pale drizzle of comfort Sunday in the Schildbürger Schlaraffenschlatz.

    When I then, as an adult, as if I were a secret baby of Thurnher and Jeannee, denied, lice-ridden and forgotten in the short milf courier, transform my Prada bag of word-stuff into everyday life, I am more keenly aware than ever before that I only owe this to these seemingly useless exercises for the sake of a few rare registrations.

    And with my Hotzenplotz soul, sunk in fish oil, perhaps also with freedom, that rare guest on the hamster wheel entertainment mile that lured me, with which I slept with my naked butt out, a little bit quirky and mischief-making as a street dealer.

    So every 10 to 30 Mailchimp notifications later, usually unexpectedly as befits a good-for-nothing, I send out and embrace, flutter in spam bliss and long-forgotten or never confirmed responses.

    Therefore, it continues to be a magnificent crossover across the Blog network and back again.

    Groundhog Day suspect

    like the film and at least as in need of hibernation as the species. Alternatively, browsing through travel guides that lure you away from the madness of this continent to at least a warm one.

    Because what I can tell you is nothing new, what was once a developing country is going in circles. This spearhead may still have a little lifeblood dripping from his flag, cheap Burgenland Doskozil.

    But if you have a gendarme as your boss, you've probably been drinking pure Haslauer for a while now. And you're fucking the rolled-up stilt pinup mattress in your solitary cell of political horror. All you can hope for is to actually be in Game of Thrones and fall down into velvety white eternity or, with a little more luck, die for a Khaleesi in the great, well-deserved reckoning for the disgrace that is Austrian domestic politics.

    A kiss from Fussi doesn't help me, despite his really charming nonsense comedy club, there are all the smart people who tag themselves on Twitter, I wanted to say mocking, but no one who slurps the consequence to the end and stands on their feet, crawling is endless in from 2000 to 3000 net plus permitted side businesses.

    Usually only the poorly paid stand upright, until they have worked their backs to the bone and can no longer do anything else. I see nurses crying and I kick the worm on his blue horse hard in the mini-balls, now I almost feel good for a moment.

    Imagination can heal, but not very well. Placebo effects are nice but fleeting. Hence the god who doesn't exist, damn it, one after the other.

    Lockdown for Covidiots

    Why did we lose this word a little last year, trivialize it? Nothing is more appropriate, always and forever. 'Schwurbler' is much too soft. Of course, it is also perfectly applicable to the managers of this endless crisis; vaccinated or not is no longer important. The definition of a Covidiot should be anchored in one's consciousness in a better and more honest way, perhaps even in a way that touches oneself.

    Because it is not only the unvaccinated who are to blame for the currently rampant all-time high, Austria is the world champion in banana republics, advertising The Covid Files on its own behalf, which all these fools are ready to drag into the light of day.

    These indescribable things, they will require literary rape of the speechless, the questionable, how such a thing is possible, it really was proven - and I feel sick in the sense of all the accusations - how decadent, stupid and senseless our society, no matter how liberal, nationalistic or autocratic it may be in the individual nation and region, simply is.

    Covid 19, a moderately dangerous virus from a laboratory or a brutally tortured armadillo, what does it matter, both are the really sick thing, which the few people who can mostly and respectfully be credited with intelligence, who, for the benefit of all of US, were able to keep in check and almost checkmate as quickly and lovingly as possible with a simple injection, and who were able to take away much of its original danger, this little beastly planetary fellow inhabitant, is bringing US, even 18-24 months after its cheeky, happy going on tour, to the brink of our madness, our regrettable, primitive mediocrity.

    It was foreseeable that Austria, and all German-speaking countries of course, would excel in this regard. In Switzerland, the trick of locking out the Jews didn't quite work this time; Corona can only be bought to a limited extent.

    But does that make it any less disgusting?

    Is not every dead person, whether from Schwurbelhausen or Neubau, one born out of stupidity, out of laziness, out of irresponsible cowardice, useless, born out of collective failure, brought into the world by the midwife's turquoise-green reaper's snort?

    As I condemned the mad Swede at the beginning, so now is the case with a government that has shown itself to be something that deserves to be brought to justice. And not just in terms of advertising.

    State failure meets citizen failure, an extremely uncomfortable situation. Well, I myself have only been affected by the precautionary measures for a few weeks and will probably be able to get my booster vaccination sooner than I thought a few days ago, but I can at least say that I have not been comfortable or even participated in the general turning a blind eye to what is to come.

    I saw the same summer as the year before, the same stupid, embarrassing human hedonistic greed, it was so clear what was going to happen.

    Young people have a different understanding of vibes, their lives have been stolen, but it doesn't matter whether you've drunk 200 bottles of wine or 250 at the age of 50 or 70, you idiots. A Kogler would probably see it differently.

    A little bit of coming out of the shell was beautiful, but nobody forced the country to indulge in the sad horrors of everyday provincialism at 150 percent.

    I just underestimated how incredibly stupid a political system can be, because premeditation would mean you would have to charge it with a hundred counts of murder.

    So it's all just a kind of embarrassment, a president who always acts too late, whose decisive word one could have expected two or three weeks ago, all the blah blah that is now penetrating.

    How was it controlled and how much wink is possible without looking strange? All of this is the people's fault, because ultimately every village gets the stork it deserves.

    And we should mention something once and for all, namely that not everything is always the fault of the right-wing. We have promoted a culture of stupid existences, defined a beer tent aesthetic as OK, and pushed a silly energy solution, even backed up with a business license, all the way to the government.

    We freak out about homeopathy and Bach flower remedies, from Reiki levels to Grander water gargling. Pharmacy-proof.

    We are simply still second world in many ways and in many parts. And while there are many other things to bear, we have a lot of good things too, no question about it, but it's time to stop basking in the sun all the time, blaming the unvaccinated here and the government there.

    The vaccination rates were known, just as it is an incredible sin and intolerable that somewhere in a civilized country there are people who are not vaccinated and tested and who are in positions that are problematic for others from a health perspective.

    This is a shift to Germany, but there are a few things to be found here too among the festering boils. Why did Bogner Strauss attract so much criticism with the Angel of Death wording?

    When someone in this country says what needs to be said, things quickly start to heat up. Beyond this truth, however, this is no pardon, dear State Councilor.

    The decline in vaccinations was also known from Israel; people were knowingly exposed to the real danger of dying well before their time.

    But all of this is just for the daily fact sheet, we have a joke lockdown that perfectly sums up all of this, with every last detail. The experts who have been ignored for so long are now clearly stating that it can hardly be enough.

    I could imagine that it will be a close call, because the oops effect of mass idiots could occur again. And of course everything is more unpredictable because neither the true level of infection nor how the group of vaccinated and unvaccinated people mix has been sufficiently researched. Subcultures stay in their bubble as much as possible.

    Whatever happens, it is upsetting for several thousand newly deceased, their relatives and friends, and many thousands more with long-term consequences.

    The government, well, they should be thrown to hell, but that would make them happy, because there is nothing better in sight, and no one with character seems to want to take over. Whatever that may say about this country.

    You don’t need an expert opinion

    Because this sweet second excitement of the weekend has such a thick bold in the adrenal gland Ex-Chancellor is perhaps pretty asshole flushed up the ass.

    A Mr. Honorig, who is in business with a female favorite, may have also ruined his reputation in order to repay his mistress for the favor of a strange supervisory board position that also needs to be investigated.

    You have to be able to do that sometimes. No one with any sense would bother the boys with a bad opinion of women anymore.

    With the University of Vienna in the logo, it's easy to forget to declare your secondary employment as such; if you write to yourself like that and pretend to think, it's probably even more likely that you forget - I know this very well myself.

    The MILF is back with the superficial bashing of the justice system, all that's missing is THE MILF from the Prater sauna. The little girl is also quite shy with her well-founded report on the topic. They use the usual objectification trick of simply reporting instead of questioning. But the media and Graz, hmm...

    Another construction site, but still worth mentioning:

    How calm and natural, human, with no bias on my part. I will often criticise Graz by the Sea, but Elke Kahr's start as mayor of a red-green-red coalition was a lovingly successful press conference that was relaxed and also worthy of a bit of a smile.

    There is no better way to see what kind of people are involved than in their press conferences.

    These are the interfaces to the world. They cannot be measured in private life alone - who is blameless in that respect? Who doesn't write disparagingly about their chairman or the church they belong to, about the female participants in dubious constructs who are already courting them ultra-well-behaved? Or who doesn't want to disadvantage millions of children for their own benefit - that's just the fucking new normal. Everyone is taking part in it.

    That is socially appropriate, to quote our honorable, humorous LORD ABOVE.

    But let’s just let the image presented to the outside world speak for itself.

    Let's leave it at that for now, I don't want to appear as someone who has suddenly lost anarchy just because he expects one or another advantage from the new constellation.

    Despite everything, I have been touched since the Graz election. There are better people over 40 or 50 than Sobotka, Schüssel and Platter and the creepy woman from Lower Austria. Even in the Ostmark.

    And so many blisters are being popped at the moment. The FPÖ financial scandal tingles like champagne on my local political tongue. And a few days later, the Saubere Gang, who are bending environmental intolerance tests in Styria to make them acceptable, will be caught.

    On the one hand, it is too late for the ugly power plant in the middle of Graz, but on the other hand, it is exciting to see whether we should not take up the matter again and investigate it, because the brotherhood of the political cronyism and the energy industry is easily keeping up with that of the construction industry.

    The mafia is always amazed when it looks at Austria.

    I actually feel like talking about another topic. It is quite striking to sense a left-wing drift in the Shire. As it is to be assumed that the election, sooner or later, will remain a painful one, something could still change. Whether one can speak of a good thing where and when the NEOS are involved is still something to be questioned, but hey, you're also willing to eat flies if you want to put an end to thirty years of the ÖVP.

    Julia Roberts already knew that the enemy was always in our bed.

    In the meantime, it is worth looking forward to a different Graz; suddenly there is a prospect of giving my hometown more space in my future, not only because of the Blog project, but simply as a positive, European example.

    And it turns out that my hesitation was justified, that Linz or Upper Austria are not even theoretically breathing the same air. There was a risk in the form of a job offer that thankfully fell through.

    The same applies to Haslauer Salzburg, it was simply terrifying to spend four hours there. Also due to Covidiocracy, it was already clear a month ago why everything there is going through the roof.

    This is at best something for completely crazy Japanese and over-coked Russians. And easy going American girls with daddys platinum. The latter would be a reason to stay overnight.

    I am here almost privately with fifty subscribers and barely 120 readers in 1 year, I am allowed to write like this.

    Anyway, I now have a sore throat from following along with the text, or maybe it's Covid, everything is a farce, no matter how you cut it.

    What can a November in pseudo-lock offer me? The show must go on, but I have already acted too socially appropriately and got too involved, despite my concerns. The more important loop close is that in my opinion we should do full lockdown for 2 weeks and in the meantime do perfectly prepared boosting. Just sayin.

    Soon after that it's real party time again, but what I miss most are health-conscious travel buggy left-liberal Asian poly gothic punk girls on LSD. I have Tinder Gold now. And I urgently need 1000 super likes. With Priority. Paypal me.

    Despite being vaccinated, I'll never be a middle-class MILF again!!! They would remind me of Martina and in the middle of making love their ears would grow. That's a direct sign of panic disorder.

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