Doubts in Doggy

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    There are a lot of people and initiatives who want to prevent, stop what can no longer be prevented and stopped. Total madness has broken out in Boredom Kindgom.

    Everyone at the table giggled, yes, they are exactly what they accuse us of being, and then ten more. But it is also not difficult to be more rational than a society that so suppresses reality and is self-despairing, made up of lies, fraud, hedonistic consumerism , reptilian emotions and atavistic ideologies .

    Even if we don't have any goals, the empty seat at the end of the table said that we should help them more than before, it's easy to take them by the hand like children and give them the big FLIPFLAPBUFF for Christmas.

    We are very subversive at the moment

    Sit-ins and throwing chains on trees and paint bags at whalers isn't big enough. And don't dance on floats on E either.

    Distribute spores and seeds worldwide, someone shouted to the group. Safe Spaces and Houses for all Wonderland People, more guides on this, infiltrate Airbnb accordingly, not enough concrete things have been happening for a long time on many levels, we are still stuck in the flower child mindset.

    This shouldn't get stuck in the trance and psy festivals, counterculture is an old school concept.

    Finally Planetbook called the people of Graz. Ah, go, spare us, I just want to make music and dance, flute Trippy Burning Women damaged, yes, but that's where it starts, why Burning Man, how stupid is it to consider that progressive.

    Please, please no disturbing discussions here, we should just love, yes, yes, yes, Alice couldn't stand it. She got up and walked into the Forest, rumored to be the Sherwood, it turns out to be tragically cosmic.

    Perhaps the transition also made her dissatisfied with both here and there. Time to change the name again, hang out with a nice partner in Seestadt, dip your toes in the Danube in Greifenstein, try a few new specialties at the Naschmarkt.

    Maybe take a gap year from wondering. Taking a job for the first time in your life.

    Or a little help for the elderly, grandma and grandpa getting used to dying on DMT,
    no, she can go straight back to the table, somehow it works here and there, despite the constant noise and fears, both camps are so far away from each other, and you can see it talk beautiful or ugly, but the whole thing is just tiring.

    Celebrating and changing alike, even the artwork, being inspired.

    A shiver of bitterly ordinary doubt

    ran through her being, despite all
    the years of Happy and Being Positive.

    Once you've seen Santa Claus raping the Christ child, you won't forget it in a hurry. She heard footsteps behind her,

    Hey, how are you dear, is the blah blah blah annoying you so much, always new ideas, nothing concrete is implemented, then the next tea party comes along.

    Candyflip pressed her screamingly cute face into Alice's neck while she hugged her from behind. Yes, my new book will probably have to be Revolution, actually I wanted to prefer Psychedelic Garden.

    Oh, don't do it so rarely, hehe, what you're doing is good, be more patient with everyone, including yourself, darling.

    I don't know who I am anymore, that's awesome, Candy, but I'd still like to have a home over there too. Beyond squats and trailer parks.

    It was nice in the Sanctuary, very nice, but it was just the same as here, a tea party.

    And while we were barking at the moon in Thailand, children in Somalia were starving. People seeking help in Libya are trafficked on slave markets. This is not a question that can be left to today's politicians.

    Candyflip sucked her earlobe, her fingers wandering into Alice's most erogenous zones. No, even that's annoying, Alice moaned, but it's actually good to plunge back into the creative mood, without sex everything is just five.

    Have you ever actually had one?

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