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    Elon Musk


    In addition to the old-fashioned but intense and simply well-written world bestseller by Conway, I'm grabbing the biography of Ashlee Vance "Elon Musk" on the (co-)founder of Paypal, Space X and Tesla to model another amazing person for my personal advancement.

    AOn every single page it becomes clear how amazing this idealist and billionaire, who is perceived as mystical, eccentric and even dangerous, is and what amazing things can and will be written when he is 120 years old in the future. While this is an exciting idea in itself, the questions asked about the future are often completely wrong.

    What do you want to achieve Mr.Musk

    You could have finished Mars this century. But we still have more time.  

    Musk proves himself to be a genius and a visionary, and there are far too few of them in important positions, but as is so often the case with good people, the answer to why someone is evil also lies in childhood and there are exciting things left unsaid about his father. I still like how Vance avoids this journalistically, although one would have wished for more commitment to uncovering the truth and how many insights he gives into his working methods when writing the biography.

    So, in addition to the Musk content, you also have the content of the journalistic work that lies behind it. Both are reported in an absolutely professional and exciting way. I am

    Vulnerable to Silicon Valley legends

    , but I like the daring, the passion and the forward-thinking of this genius, even if it is based on the fear that humanity will wipe itself out and needs a new home. And I also know all about the difficulties of building a successful private life.

    A report about being beaten up at school is also shocking, his entrepreneurial projects as a teenager are delightful, and the amazing youth of his mother, who went on adventure trips with her parents, and his grandparents who flew from Africa to Australia in a small red plane without instruments or air maps are particularly pleasing. Confusingly beautiful, and a parable for a life beyond mediocrity.

    Everything about Musk shakes up the usual boundaries and in this suspiciously viewed bonus level of life there is fascination, role model effect, something that the clan of small-minded people can hardly offer anymore.

    And of course he would benefit from some green and probably some humanistic therapy, a coder boy who longs for a family and never had a decent daddy like me ­čÖé And probably imitates him in his bad moments.

    But let's look around in public spaces, the holy zombie halls between the Opera Ball and Davos. And let's hope that the future contains more foam-free creativity and heartfelt confusion instead of old male attitudes. Dick-measuring is not entirely out of the question when it comes to rockets, cars and other toys of this kind. But it's better to have a nice madman playing than an old asshole pushing the buttons.

    Once again, the deciding factor will be which woman he gets in the long term.  

    It's fitting that I'm leafing through a Trend Start Up Extra late at night, where this very crossroads is addressed again and again, but where there is too much scene and too little authenticity in dealing with the phenomenon of start-up culture, but beyond success stories from the Musk kindergarten, this magazine also shows that there is a lack of real vision even in the Austrian and European start-up scene, toothbrushes as a topic instead of colonizing Mars, I feel sick from smiling.

    Technically, the book is top-notch bio-cream, but you have to be warned that he records every fart in too much detail, probably due to Mr Hyperloop's short life. Autobiographies with direct emotional commentary on events naturally do better, but despite some collaboration and all the interviews, some of the storytelling is still lacking. Vance is by no means able to maintain the level of the first few pages throughout the whole book, even though there was significantly less information in his restaurant visit than afterwards; it's as if he had started to scurry at some point.

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