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    is the word of the year, it puts a needle in my being. The psychological background of the fiasco and its careful processing culminating in an extended spring break. And here I am, shaken awake by birds instead of by birds, in the truest sense of the word, the world needs corrections.

    Although I enchant the morning impressed, it can not be the

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    Sense to be desolate. Go to the parks, Mrs. Spring seems to whisper. Forest Bathing.

    It is no coincidence that working in nature is more of an option for digital revolutionaries.

    But first we have to push forward with emergence, which, while still in its infancy, has confirmed its brilliance to me but only partially delivered it. I am being held back by my own demands, you could say. Or strange years with strange theosophists.

    On the other hand, I have long been in the middle of this wonderful process and feel like a master no ego, a master no egonaut, in the AI cockpit, not just a passenger. I think that's a good way to put it in the morning. I am a language model, long before there were language models, I squeezed the meaning out of the sentence.

    The sleep itself was legendary again. The mood could not be maintained until late last night, and before I finally sank into the realm of oblivion at five o'clock, I solved a few new and old matches. The time-wasters.

    I want to concentrate on the bungee jump, the Blogging and the entrepreneur. Everything cast in art. AI enhanced. Automated. Brilliant.

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