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    is still in my mind as a bonus idea, as the last gift of yesterday, which once again showed me that old patterns are losing their meaning, but transformation is by no means smooth and always understandable.

    The Verwirklichbar is simply too perfect to fit the other zones, a VerwirklichBar where other companies have a

    reception room

    have the crowd millinery a VerwirklichBar.

    This is a nice sketch brought from the future.  

    How many of our furnishings could already have come from 3D printing?

    A few drones buzz through the Psychedelic Garden. This colorful coexistence in which hat-making is supposed to materialize reminds me of a story about a German YouTuber who got lucky with DIY videos and now has a farm in his village that he shares with the crowd and lives freely experimenting. It would probably be a destination for the Mindful Traveler.  

    This is where the boldness is channeled out into the open. Is it really possible, in our somewhat dull and unenthusiastic cultural way of life, to finance and maintain a kind of Da Vinci community workshop without losing touch with reality?  

    I can ask these questions because I have created the space for myself to do so, with luck and other ingredients such as curiosity, passions, artsyness and, most recently, a great deal of scientific knowledge, but there is still a central core within me that simply enjoys and lives in a very intimate and open-hearted way, while chilling out, writing and playing with those I love the most.  

    The light of the imagination transformed into wondrous beauties, that is the poet's variant, the need to fable the aesthetics of the resistance of white with the tools of the titans into its own microcosm of beauty and meaning.  

    The VerwirklichBar is therefore the living room of an artist and inventor, the cozy center of a protected space, the admission of being one of the court jesters. Fueled by donations.

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