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    Fet Life


    is one aspect. Here I am beginning to re-network my sexuality, even if I am surprised at times by all the possibilities of expression of sexual diversity, sometimes it even seems strange to the bunny god and leads to the supernatural or surprising, but as in the LTBGQ community, something is emerging here that will have a profound impact on people's self-image. People are beginning to free themselves from the shadows and shame. PIS and Taliban or not.

    Perhaps, in all of this, more space and language should be devoted to the idea of going back to the roots, towards a positive and yet relaxed closeness. Simpler, more intense and more loving

    Vanilla Sex

    is beautiful. Sex positive could be the decisive wording here. Yes, of course, it is immediately hipster and smells of Berlin. The Silicon Valley of romantic kink. But it is not just old wine in new bottles, as is so often the case.

    Outside of the hippies, there was never a trend towards integrative behavior beyond women's magazines and Dr. Sommer levels. And certainly not for men, i.e. those who need it most.

    That's why I'm expanding my global dating more and more, operating with more and more boundaries. Reducing it to the neighborhood fails because of the internal diversity. But that's another sub) Blog.

    The topic finds its way into this column because it keeps trolling and irritating me. It calls for integration far beyond the origins. Like everyone else, I grew up in an overwhelming economy of excess and scarcity of sex. Loss of identity, uneducated and imprinted by an aesthetic from Hollywood and the Reeperbahn.

    In this tension arc, it is necessary to master a libido that has overwhelmed many partners in my history, although I am always pleased to note that, compared to many out there, I am blessed with minor flaws. But Fet Life is not just the name of a website and community, it is another program item in this cactus landscape of existence.

    A very colorful people

    Here, everyone is intoxicated by the mutual acceptance of almost everything.

    But in my totality of hat-making, of shapeshifting, I am a little unsettling even in these circles. I show myself to be diverse and almost without taboos, but also reflective and by no means trapped in a situation or wishful thinking. How wonderful, there is this amazing archetype as an ideal companion, my all in one.

    But as in the polyamorous journey of discovery, debauchery is at home in similar terrain. As long as no one is mating with me in the fullest multiple of that, even the lowest common denominator is an acceptable survival strategy.

    In these darker lines beyond pure fantasy, the serious sex reinterpretation so to speak, there is room for so much, including dusty dreams. Sometimes I wonder how this desire survives a pandemic, but we know that life has always been an absurd mixture of celibacy and hormonal storm.

    And how much health also influences kink. That is, whether I am not, to the extent that I am treated and balanced, mentally healthy and act accordingly, minimizing my interests and obsessions, something that many in kink purgatory would probably very angrily deny.

    But that also concerns psychology. Isn't much of what is therapeutic simply a matter of standardization to a kind of acceptable conformity?

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