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    in the fake society.  Dipped into perfection like a Ritalin chocolate bunny. However, modernist journalism, which is concerned with reformation and resistance against the abysmal stupidity of the caveman mentality, prefers an E(a)s(a)y Going popcorn article phase in which reading begins to be profitable again.

    It seems to some extent that the Goethe Institutes failed

    , it is the plague itself, the meaninglessness of a lot of information because it is regurgitated or unreflected, which probably also leads to an unconscious reduction in its intake. For self-protection. The loss of quality is an admission of the lack of ethical and practical effort to decouple one's ambitions beyond one's own career and bubble horizons.

    As a personality, you always stand in a hall of mirrors of your own hedonistically oriented narcissism. But the helplessness is an act; it is a question of mentality and compliance that leads to the current excesses in our pseudo-refined and pseudo-free society.

    Not only is journalism not excluded from this, this is even clearer in Novak and Salomon, and in all the loosely connected people in the second row. The term can be saved, but all of this started earlier, we've all been too casual with each other for too long. Metoo amazes many from this world and era, when being an asshole felt natural, internally corrupt is all you actually are.

    And these phenomena are simultaneously increasing, despite another trend celebrated in detail here. However, just enjoying and fueling the wonders and beauties of change would lead to the same filter bubble mentality and the distances between the camps would continue to widen.

    What is needed is a mediatorial concession, because otherwise there will be continental classifications in a kind of camp mentality.

    Planetary systems governed and reduced to themselves and their own demands. Perhaps the space colonization phase is the final division into tribes. The Nazis their planet. The Mormons. The cyclists. The frugals. The unvaccinated. And I think artistically and in terms of future writing, Megaverse is a vision of how many cities are already organizing themselves today, how groups are forming instead of creating a diverse exchange.

    Global multicultural and emotionally intelligent action is on the rise, but is facing headwinds from the camp of the fear-ridden, the greedy and the simple-minded. Simplicity is often a filter bubble in itself. One that can only make you simple.

    Don't underestimate this word, skillful ones!

    And misunderstood tolerance for the most backward, brainless behavior as prescribed by societies, entire religions or organizations in a third millennium and bent by law creates astonishing embarrassment when viewed from a planetary perspective.

    to be a journalist

    For me it is simply to examine reality, to unmask it in small or large pop-up writings without having to pay attention to the affiliation. The very own longing to be grouped together, to cuddle up together in the cave, is also mine and in the competition for attention it is close to sex and the foodie mentality.

    The decision-making process is a reflector, pushes you into something outside and reduces all possible intersections, which is why I flee forward, the discourse with the few who want to be multiple, a multiple also has to give multiples. It is galaxy merging against atomic emptiness. Passing in circles without ever touching each other.

    Probably, as in art, in the media madness, only free journalism, formed by a temporary team, is an adequate concept. Mixed in the watercolor dance of the Blog gens. But always in the necessary red zone, in the best sense behind the lines.

    My journal is my report.

    I research, act, grasp, ask questions and sometimes pay homage. For me, the role models are clearly rare giants like Tom Wolfe, I can't do anything with the bigoted Puritan Hinterwald Average, except to describe him immersively.

    In the unsolicited community I also go through, I stumble and stumble like everyone else with inadequacy, genetic and social borderlines.

    I'm so much more full of this dumped crap than I would like to be. My skull is still hurting today because I'm in that

    Garbage trap

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    Literally realized in free sheets. What you put into yourself also comes out of you. But that would be too short-sighted, the deeper evil lies hidden in the jungle of advertising and PR. I live well in contradiction, but I name it. No, my work is also decoupled in this industry.

    The key is usually mindfulness. Refusal of big bullshit.

    And I'm still on the benefit as far as necessary. I can connect with many and everyone, I am not as contemptuous and judgmental as my texts make it seem, it is rather an astonishing honor for me to connect with people and beings and things of all kinds and worlds, I am capable of enthusiasm and infection, but I have the best Long-term immune system and my guardian angel is not alien to anything human, he just recently sets broad and highly conceptual priorities.

    It is a chronic need, an eternal and actually eternally rejuvenating curiosity, my naivety is magical, I love it very much. I can still get involved and be overwhelmed by sheer nonsense, by complete destruction. My vibration is confident enough, undercover would be an inappropriate word, I am gentle. I cuddle.

    I am more of a Taoist and in the Zen tradition. For me, journalism and art are just as closely related as business, the future, change work. It is a kind of delicate pocket watch that adjusts itself within me to give space to it after a long search for the right balance. The cogs of my system are a garden of pleasure. But I am aware that it can swing in either direction, Bosch's tryptich tells us so much.

    There are an infinite number of opened doors, the world has become a single leak, some articles or tweets or videos or even works of art, some errors, everywhere, on every street corner, wonders, new worlds are waiting, often in a subordinate clause an entire universe Research released.

    We know intuitively that only the tip of the iceberg ever comes to light. This is a kind of human law that can only be countered with conscious living. With thousands of years of such.

    Where we're just starting. My flashlight is nuclear, but it's also too light. Over the years, so much has been swept under carpets, hidden in lockers, deposited in numbered accounts, the indescribable enrichment of an entire generation.

    And in a surge of its most disgusting aspects, the past is a visible solution, a backslash and a shamelessly greedy actor. So much to research, so much to question.

    And it is the same with journalism, it has not yet been a differentiated and balanced cultural asset, it suffers from the same weaknesses and strengths as its producers and owners. Here too, something really beautiful and hopeful is emerging or being defended, people have long since gotten out of their rut occurred, whether with Doctors Without Borders or reporters. But you can also see the dangers.

    And the shyness, the madness can (also) be beaten with one's own weapon. That's why I love the uncertainty principle, it reflects in a lot of my work. Claiming poetic freedom and in the same breath insisting on journalistic freedom.

    A journalist, we deal with the photographic aspect in other contexts, as well as (documentary) filmmaking, a journalist is always a storyteller, I love giving this structure to my inner and outer journeys and experiences. Not the one that might be expected.

    The most important thing is personal style. In almost any creative or innovative context.

    Robots will one day take over everything else. Artificial intelligence wannabes are already writing simple news today.

    And the little bit that we can enjoy in recognizable futures is mindful, hopefully mindful, creative creation, and instinctual activity that enjoys our senses, too, but we are primarily left with the joy of taking part in an endless cosmic game that is so great that we can cry.

    A self-organizing system that we fill with consciousness, it is the job of the journalist to be a chronicler, a historian, an analyst, journalists are the true computer scientists, the reporters of the universe.

    I am happy to be everything that is being discussed here, I have no intention of deciding on a single part of who I am.

    Everything is reflected in everything, if I walk along the Mur and the echo of this bizarre power plant project, prepare an article about it for the Graz am Meer Blog , then I could find endless parables in it, but not only those that would be in keeping with nature conservationists, There are many variations, there are many paths, there is something more than just right or left or middle, in our addiction to labeling, with all the grains of truth, the ability to dance, to laugh, to love things again and to celebrate has been forgotten to look forward to. Seeing the whole beach instead of just the crowded section or the trash afterwards.

    I notice this with the topic of travel guides that is currently affecting me. This average repeat that takes us past the real world. In which travel guide are the places described in their entirety, fewer and fewer dare to look at the things behind the stage, where are the slums, the homeless, construction sites like this pointless power plant, I can't even find out who the mayor is.

    It's a yawning emptiness or powerlessness, you don't expect it


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    to get your hands on, but even in a pocket format you could present very fine details instead of cheaply dumping what Google spits out. And to decorate yourself with one or two reports.

    One could lead by traveling. Guide. A good topic for the Thirty Years Crossover, the whole book trade is a sleeping giant, language cannot currently cope with the other developments.

    TedTalk, for example, is a good example of innovation, of new ways of using language, but I still see little use of this potential. Also on the hypnotic horizon, which plays many roles here.

    New journalism is definitely still very contemporary today, an advance towards what it could be like, the internet has changed everything and we are all still searching. A

    Authentic label

    green and white typewriter on blue textile

    This is also an endless essay for Link. Opinion journalism must not degenerate into opinion journalism. It's probably more about lost morality, about courage in the face of the questionable.

    How admirable, on the one hand, the Western exceptions and, on the other hand, Blog , writers, journalists in all the mad, angry, wild countries who still really act for the mindset of the controlling authority. No matter how worthy of a prize, everything, the entire society itself, suffers from the editorial templates of a clone education that has long produced the bureaucratic archetype.

    How could it be different in this industry, it is a key authority and is constantly under attack.

    From this perspective, there needs to be increased freedom and security, a strengthening of the people behind it. Lighthouse examples cannot hide the indifferent triviality of murdered journalists and Blog . Who stands up for all the dead?

    But the gravity of the moment is one that can be resolved through guilt. It's going to be difficult for Austria, as you can see from the sneaky continuation of business as usual after the short resignation of many media outlets. Overall, this country will need de-balkanization.

    Overall, these are looking like complex times. There is no showering with holy water, but there are wonderful new media, new, old writers, new, old ideals.

    We are daring again because there is probably more and more awareness of what went wrong with the success story that we sold more than analyzed.

    For me this is the Wikileak and Pandora Papers, the young, combat-ready clickbait gutted new journalism that refuses to be lulled, he is perhaps drunk like Jeannee but more heroic, more intelligent, self-committed.

    To name the disgusting instead of also being a space and chamber for it. From Trump to Fleischmann, Erdogan to Nestle.

    The show can't go on. She's over. We need a completely new piece. A new narrative of what we should be, could be, and it won't be an American Dream.

    I tend to see journalism, the art of reporting, Merkurius, the management of information as the decisive game piece, even if I would begrudge art more, but it has screwed itself up. The pact with the devil, the bread and circuses, the opium for the people.

    Didn't the media do this even more excessively? That's maybe right, but your opportunities to change this situation are greater, more powerful, we'll see how social media makes everything a little more exciting.

    But that is a different intervention.

    As long as I'm looking for the puzzle pieces together, I'll write about it, then about something else.

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