Generative constructs

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    should be the result of your own thought processes. I am (again) exuberant and I find it easy (again) to make people happy.

    A technique that can be very useful when it comes to controlling the emotions of trigger people. I usually do this with animalization, and size or volume control also makes sense. Just one way. Only imagination sets the limits of modern magic.

    At Castaneda you can also find great approaches to the art of stalking. About dealing with personal pests . They also teach you so much.

    But often a mustache, women's clothing for warriors or, for couples, a leash or a wheelchair is enough. It shouldn't be about ethical taboos, it's all about coloring the inner triggers and levels of meaning in such a way that you have fun and enjoyment with all people and them also gives back and neither fears nor other negative aspects

    space and time

    provided. We will look at and explore far-reaching possible applications here and again. The construction of our reality on the basis of neurolinguistic, biochemical and hypnotic beliefs and their customizable filters is an endless playground that I elsewhere refer to as Wonderland.

    This workshop is currently just a sketch, but I'm starting to have descriptive ideas about it. Beyond the original ideas, grown beyond them. Used the ladder. Now floating without her.

    Truth is not a daughter of time. Truth is a whore of language. Be it visual, kinesthetic, whatever.

    Repetitions, references, imitators, confirmers. And the self-made madness is ready.

    Fanboys help a lot. Groupies.

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