Genius: Picasso

    is another masterpiece from non-Germany, my dependence on Anglo-Saxons, French and Spaniards, yes, everyone around, if you look closely, worries me. Bad Banks, Babylon Berlin and 4Blocks don't really solve the addiction problem. So keep cheering.

    I would love to be able to say, look how good, look how

    Unique, but not good,

    Look how innovative, how perfect, how beautiful, look how not to rest on Goethe, on Einstein (who also has a genius, and what a genius!!)

    trusting and still harping on Freud and Jung, so loudly that the available resources go unheard and unheard of to the Anglo-Saxons, to the French and the Spaniards, who, with all their Nick Knatterton crankiness, their nationalism, which they never fully lived out, but to integrate more permanently, to understand with all this knowledge what unfortunately fails us.

    What a crazy sentence, how well no one knows that I only notice it as such after editing it twenty times. But I promised to be even more positive, and not to take a title like a little kitten and hide behind it things that at best need their own pin board, not the dear half-entire article that will be titled again tomorrow, based on search terms Tricksterism to my personal What does that mean to crush, in plain English:

    To remain readable. Visible. Figuratively. Today. But still without compromise. The only thing I can keep from these promises in this post is that of satire and endless self-irony.

    I'm a good trickster, but when I see Picasso then I love something that is even more valuable to me, then I love again the value and the true values ​​of art, which he sometimes pushes to its limits but always brilliantly defends because he understands her.

    And with that we are all born, with this ability to grasp the infinite depth of inner space, to forfeit, transform, beautify this wild heart of our nature into words, or images, or delusions, or wonders, into machines or structures, in ourselves or others , effect, shape, bring into the light, full of unbridled eternity.

    Never resting, racing and only doing what we can manage.

    And so it's not the great artists per se, there's happiness and interchangeability, that's just how it is when you sleep with the gods, the understanding that we ourselves are what we worship, that our actions and loves, that's all we ever have dreamed of lasting homage to things, this is the basis on which some go forward, heroes of search, damnation and victory bathing in their blood, only in this way can movement arise in the frozen structure, in the structure that waits submissively for those who shine like them Stars.

    Because they are stars and they tell of the shadows behind them, which is nothing other than the infinite space in between, filled with dark power, sometimes swallowed up by it, but always ready to give what is. What was found. Relentless, far from compromise. And beyond socialization.  

    That and so much more is this Mr. Pablo Picasso, at least, I don't know him personally, this mini-season manages to present him in this way, someone who rightly takes the name that HE wants, who doesn't let a name be imposed on him, determined by others, and if he then has to maneuver among Germans but actually suffers from fascism, then a lot of things can go wrong and personality can become despondent in the world or even be slowed down due to insecurity, what could some great minds have managed with our present possibilities and how Despite overpopulation, there are few great spirits out and about here today. I understand that we still don't use them enough, all of us, as a little note to myself in the margin. Understand that this hymn, this hero, this spark is ready to shine in everyone.  

    This series, on the other hand, this docudrama, this history lesson, this tease and lesson, is a case study for how do we use our opportunities, persistence, courage, an egomania that has unfortunately drifted into an unhealthy state, this is a delicate and sometimes perfect interaction of all those involved and shows something Television, including pay television, can offer and create amazing things that are inspiring, diverse and expansive like the theme of the story.

    When a Cocteau becomes a minor character, an Appolonaire appears like a smiling semblance of his poetry, a stormy togetherness and a Paris are shown through which one immediately and relentlessly falls back in love with that of today, then quickly stop by Guernica again, and further, towards other tracks.

    If a series can do all of that, then it makes television, makes you see meaning, and decouples this from prejudice and pride.

    And it itself becomes the art that it shows.

    Sky Ticket is btw. Recommended as an owner despite the characterless class, you can get excellent quality very cheaply through permanent offers, if you cancel regularly, share it with a friend, the companies behind them are not necessarily biotopes worth protecting, but with a little more than stinginess, streaming is great, you can help with that to make such series possible and I'll be ashamed of it at some point, but it's a good compromise and I'm trying to play a bit of a mediator.

    The series is now also available on Amazon Prime. Not REALLY BETTER AS ASHOLE COMPANY A BIG ONE 🙂

    And Antonia Banderas as Picasso is goosebumps. Which doesn't mean that people who found Hopkins better are wrong, there are also different high levels with Koka.

    But given the variety of acting skills in such a dense atmosphere, I don't really dare to single out anyone. However, Samantha Colley is more charming than Antonio and the rather bland young Picasso Alex Rich.

    And after the highly gifted glorification that describes the effect and flow of this Emmy-nominated master class, it should of course be admitted that this is exactly the weakness of the work, the critical uncriticism that is somewhat too homageous and the failure to give the strong others the space that is actually in would be many hours of series. Even more flair would have spread, even more potential would have been created. The standard where it probably comes from is never satisfied 🙂

    Many reviews, mostly written from a female perspective, look at all of this too harshly: No, the toxics are celebrating themselves, but that shouldn't be the future of art but rather their backup when peace, joy and pancakes don't know how to catch the light.

    And then there is a political approach, a question about behavior in the interplay of powers, the flames of fascism and Franco's disgust, which is also discussed in the series. All of this is Topic, longer and more varied, Picasso is like Orphan, bloody, corrupt and deserves as little mercy as he gave, but all of this can be found, far beyond this review, in the politics, ethics and art discourse of millinery.

    But here we are just letting ourselves fall into it. Because the dramaturgy, the editing, the acting makes it possible. Unfortunately only for two or three evenings. When will Aretha finally come straight into the house?