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    is my very personal basis, even if I use it in my Blogs and projects question critically. Enthusiastically motivated, but also fallible and inconsistent, I tumble towards the future. Sensing how necessary a new global social contract is. I am rooted in deep values and important, partly new paradigms, which make it necessary to go beyond


    and blind enthusiasm. My thinking is friendly and assumes the best, I love the cordiality in dealing with others, the almost too gentle ability to forgive, to emphasize that together.

    But I recognize the vulnerability of this concept and the helplessness in dealing with belief systems that are less value-based. Or with other, crueler, exploitative concepts.

    Nature itself clearly reflects this diversity and contradiction, and anyone who deals with evolution and universal laws should and must admit a certain arbitrariness to values, the only measure of which seems to be their evolutionary success.

    However, the personal freedom to choose one's own values and paradigms is a new, barely perceived evolutionary function that is still being expanded and developed.

    Our habits, cultural and genetic, are an often inscrutable amalgamation of external and internal concepts, usually the former. Countering these with sufficiently conscious emotional intelligence and cybernetic strategy is a difficult task and often, despite recognizing their necessity, is abandoned or never even begun due to a lack of discipline, patience or foresight, due to hedonism or egocentrism, due to confusion or greed.

    I speak from my own experience of these weaknesses and susceptibility to error, and am probably my own best proof - a fickle, unstable thing, far removed from talent and discipline, weak in implementing what I believe to be right, a master of excuses.

    And yet, as soon as no one gave me the opportunity and I was blessed with a little more selfless and intelligent help, a freer and now expanded value system developed from it, ethical basics that were partly realized from one day to the next and that have resisted change for decades despite the dark shadow of a bad conscience.

    I am definitely a late starter, a detourer, the classic midlife change, but my story proves:

    If I can do it, almost anyone can.

    It doesn't require outstanding intelligence, above-average looks, intensive care, help at every turn, understanding or social integration; everything can be useful at certain points and has long been part of my own consulting fantasy of how one could approach efficient and individualized coaching.

    But green lifestyle is probably the beginning of every personal development, I think you should definitely take the opportunity to live it, for personal and societal reasons, for ethical reasons as well as for the intelligence of conscious decision-making.

    It is not an either/or, it is a future-oriented and cybernetic action based on ethical and emotional intelligence. It is a light being turned on, I am not sure if this needs to be discussed or if such a discussion would make sense.

    Either you understand it or there is simply not enough light. I don't see it as a kind of earth-based Gaia spirituality, but it seems as if the planet itself is simply starting to strengthen its defenses, beginning to heal itself in a way due to all the nonsense that has overwhelmed our civilization for several thousand years, which has gone off the rails. This can quickly lead to a slightly religious-sounding determination in the social groups triggered by it.

    Green or do-gooder is becoming a smugly used synonym, the backlash is everywhere in a state of triumph, there seems to be no progress, but everything is a bit more complex than even the green lifestyle assumes. And woke may be trendy, but unfortunately it needs a bit more balanced biosphere empathy. Especially since old hypocrisies and psychological distortions do not disappear by love of nature. Packaging-free should not be three times more expensive than packaging madness. Piketty who? I eat flowers anyway!!

    But they also feel pain and what do you do now?

    And somewhere in this ethical diversity that has yet to be penetrated, my work and activities are classified as something that tries to move the lens further as needed, sometimes to focus, sometimes to illuminate the more distant thoughts and emotions that inevitably reveal themselves. And to use flashlights as smartly as possible when lighting.

    How should we deal with fraud, violence, opposing philosophies and belief systems, other ethics, to what extent can we feel superior, what kind of filter bubbles do we use ourselves?

    What creates our reality and how can we become the creators we obviously could be?

    Many open questions, but when you stop being an open system, no matter in which area or at which level of consciousness, then you stop following life itself.

    People refuse to develop, and this is just as common in vegan, ecological subcultures as it is in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street, in progressive as well as totalitarian social systems.  

    Life is adaptation and conscious life is consciously shaping this adaptation; both together result in modern human existence. I seek to report on this, to inspire, as a creative intelligence agent.

    I work through these doubts and hopes, dreams and unpleasantness on and within myself, sometimes vicariously, often projected outwards. But green lifestyle is actually the obvious thing that you can take for granted. However, the fact that I am an uncomfortable guest in the eco-bubble Shire is not only made clear by the whip for all the car washes and liars out there.

    Sometimes I play with imperfection, but my ambitions don't allow me to retreat into a simple tiny house hippie commune in permaculture peace. I'm more of a pipeline buster with a Mr. Robot and Robin Hood mindset. But it still won't work without the hated, the billions without understanding, somehow everything that is necessary can only be implemented in the same underhanded way that the causes have been implemented. A constant dripping may wear away stones, but one or two generations is a bit too long to wait.

    And the tender hope of creating knowledge is not enough when more than half of humanity still fantasizes about divine beings. And many a Green Party member does too.

    All of this and more is constantly present to me, I have no romanticism for insects and earthquakes, I just want the planet to prove itself worthy of becoming a member of the galactic club, including humanity if possible. My heart belongs to those who can't do anything about all of this, children, plants and animals.

    In Change Now and Enough I try to translate this into practical, thoughtful activism. But as an author, coach and journalist, it is important to me to emphasize that there are premises of my self-respect, even if I ostensibly put them aside to achieve something more necessary.

    We are so young in the cosmos, we are barely out of the trees when we stop thinking anything else about ourselves. No one gets out of here alive.

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