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    Living Easy Have your shit together

    What a pleasure it is to not just be yourself, whoever you want to be, but wherever and for whatever purpose, completely free to create whatever you long for.

    No obligation to optimization, no system, no responsibility and no commitment, but open to any form of free interaction. The past is only the sound and shadows that it appears to be due to its fleeting nature.

    Self-empowered rather than a self of other grace.

    A bit of Dadaism, a lot of transhuman Cheshire cat cuddles, if you need evidence, create it. Practice makes you a master, but when you are a master, don't let others decide, this hormone-filled competition has long since become meaningless, full of exaggerated perfectionism for tenths of a second and pixel Freudian gawking too much.

    In healthy comparison and imitation without coercion, we act better than a variation of a variation.

    Living easy opens the treasure chest of global life, the infinity of relaxed and free existence, no matter what your parents, schoolmates, neighbors or customs officials and judges tell you. Don't trust any member or community more than necessary, if you have to raise reliable, loyal children or give yourself selected first-class dependencies with long-tested creatures who will multiply you instead of castrating you. If this does not happen at times, prefer well-dosed solitude.

    We are in an unprecedented era of joy, but that doesn't mean that we should continue to absorb it ignoring the future, or fizzle out into the afterlife on tracks prefabricated by others. For our potentially damn long life, it means acting, planning, and thinking ahead in a sustainable manner and emotionally intelligently. design.

    If you don't plan on reveling in total enjoyment for 20, 30, 40 over-motivated years of madness until you burst or burn up if you switch everything to as long as possible, as cool and safe as possible at the same time, then you will quickly understand what a smart life is can only be easy if, out of pure self-interest, we learn to create a world that will still be worth living in in 2100 and, ideally, even more worth living in.

    Living easy tries to collect all the life hacks that are suitable for this purpose, that are actually worthwhile and that don't just fill a new trend and a new wording with the most banal bullshit, the goal from the start is:

    Quality over quantity, quantitative quality as the ultimate high. But first, decadence cleaned up. Bullshit proofed. The concept, once invented and now established for the so-titled jobs, is of course much more versatile and, like many things, is adopted with a generous interpretation.

    Living Easy is a travel guide through the exploding diversity of human existence, not least due to modern media. In this new, unprecedented complexity of the world, we have the reflex within ourselves to simplify, to retreat into simple answers and small tribal societies of cronies who share this need for simplicity, patting each other on the back. With the almost shocking consequence of being less than even people of previous centuries.

    Easy does not mean simple, ease of being does not mean caveman level.

    We do not degenerate because of our decadence alone, we degenerate because of our misunderstood minimalism and adherence to disproven facts and instructions for action.

    No, this is not the latest version of ultimate wisdom, this collection of essays and fact sheets, guides and nutshells is there to boost you, to help you redesign and reorganize your small or large world(s). When expanding.

    Support for everything, coaching and mentorship for every fucking important part of your OWN way(s).

    And a lot of things aren't important in the light of day, sorry, there's nothing here about how you can climb as many mountains as possible as cheaply as possible (depending on the mortality risk, extremely stupid, especially if you have a family or other bondings are also old-school egomaniacally crappy) or which superfood Well, it's really a superfood, okay, but be disappointed in advance, it's pretty damn limited.

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