He was born at the Salzamt

    Books Provincial writings He was born at the Salzamt

    At the finale of the burping day, we baptized him in Grander water in honor of the horned gorge. What will become of it other than a scribbler?

    and a trailer park slut, sometimes alternately, sometimes at the same time.

    But let's get to the heart of the matter, things are carefully sniffed messages of hate made from gelatin. The all-father and over-the-top man has mated with his youngest thrower, as has been customary for a hundred years in paternal ranks and sometimes stiff limbs and passed on with joy and pleasure in common and similar villages on which this degenerate country lives.

    On the one hand, Austria's problem is a mixture of barely concealed Austrofascists who, together with the hunting-hungry upper nobility, hold a few progressive cities.

    On the other hand, it is the people themselves, the land of the undiscovered Fritzls, a tick behind every corner, where for every one who flies up there are a hundred, where the neighbors suspect and complain but many would rather join in. They have the staff of the wise and the lower Courage. Austria is a participatory republic. A community of co-abusers. A brown au.

    Along with

    Those who talk their mouths off shit their pants the most.

    A kind of complex Freudian dystopia of reality results. A landscape made of human larvae. A Törggelen sweeping urinal of everyday life in the Krone universe.

    And so he ended up wrinkly and blue because Oida was really long squeezed out of the Ingeborg Doserl and was able to learn everything he needed in homeschooling in the former pigsty so as not to attract any unpleasant attention at a tent festival. Everything is furnished in an Ikea style, made from treasure trove pieces, the old man loves it when pieces of furniture have names.

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