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    How to multiply your life


    Good morning, it is a bit under-air-conditioned here, but I was hoping for summer, 28 degrees is probably a little foretaste, unfortunately too general as an amateur witch,

    The thing about wishes

    We have clarified this in and with the Bucket List Deliverer, but what is less well known is the simplest secret of treating yourself more and being more intensely involved in life or not living, because even the Monk needs skill, the whole escape into solitude on a planet that is of course only apparently overpopulated, because some pseudo-nations take on an outrageous amount of land. So much space, my darling. And the seas too, so much emptiness.

    So I sit there, conveniently awake and somewhat mocking this early summer coup and considering that I should write more ordinary articles, or at least give my more unusual ones more ordinary titles in order to arrive, so to speak, to reach you or charm you or simply to offer added value that justifies the click without bait in order to still be attentive in paragraph 2 or 3 and then even 4.

    My daughter was already complaining about this reduced attention span at the age of 14. Well, I'd say, no wonder, you're doing enough to make it reduce, that's a very professional approach, and that's exactly our little game plan for Sunday brunch.

    Forty burgers a day are easily possible with the small bites philosophy, now imagine watching forty YouTube videos from so-called top YouTubers whose IQ is enough to produce the most cruel nonsense that the masses find entertaining.

    What will burgers do to your body and mainstream junk food YouTubers do to your brain. Slowly but surely?    

    My daughter is on the road to recovery, she is at least consuming more exquisite morsels of mental and physical nourishment. She is at least going to the Vapiano of the mind, so to speak. Which is revealingly problematic because in this new version of the original text it is not yet known how bad this facade company was and is in the business.

    So, daughter, at least I saved this honor by blaming the inspiration on a facade-obsessed girl who once banished my boredom for a few years. I don't think my own flesh blood has ever been to Vapiano, and I'm not stupid enough to sit on hard benches for average food and pay for my own self-service.

    Every generation gets the screwing it deserves.

    The thing with the

    " You are what you eat "

    wasn't one of those annoying rules that old and young people want to use to prevent them from being free, it's more that we ourselves found out about their existence far too late. Imagine the picture of a living being that is perfectly mentally and physically fattened up with junk food, a little spruced up and nicely coiffed to keep up appearances for as long as possible, while holding out until it is hooked up to tubes and fed intravenously is the secret agenda of the project.

    Your trembling concerns are justified, we are not far from it, but imagine also and above all the phase of rearing in which this creature feeds its child.

    Yes, the little fattened calf on his lap is you.

    I'm writing this article for my Vice application, I'm practicing being average, but that's another story, as is the Down to Earth section of Living Easy, this one is about something imported, quality first, but a lot of it.

    As a coach and trainer you are often bombarded with requests for optimization, everyone wants everything, everywhere, all the time anyway.

    There is no generally applicable methodology to this, or maybe there is, because contradictions are my third favorite hobby, I have the following in my program:


    and other desires

    which in turn often seem to have to do with money, or with more of something made possible by this, mastery is usually easier to achieve but that is already encrypted in the word mastery:  

    First of all, analyze what you want more often and more precisely and for longer than those who have analyzed it. This will allow you to look at the conditions and necessities and pros and cons from many angles and free yourself from your narrow radius, but certainly also determine whether it is still worthwhile to be, do or get this or that. If X is something completely new and comparative religious studies does not reveal anything, consider yourself lucky and let us share in your innovations.

    But normally what is wanted will already have been had or achieved by a lot of Y and in our wonderful information society, Google and Co are truly best friends.

    With the limitation of requiring more specialized services for specialized inquiries, such as scientific databases, etc.

    If you have analyzed better than your predecessors who achieved what you want and extracted from them what they did to get it, a lot has already been done. The straight path without distractions should be visible, including how much time and resources it requires.

    But you will find that it is always completely different than expected, and ultimately we want more, more in a new and smart way, something different or something improved, in the end it is usually evolution that we are unconsciously concerned with, even if the focus seems to be on liberation from suffering or the fulfillment of mundane wishes.

    Get to work

    you could say, but you have already achieved that with your precise analysis, management consultants basically do nothing else, they analyse and are well paid for it, because analysis can release a whole range of possibilities of all kinds, of course knowledge is necessary for that, but we achieve that almost incidentally in the course of research.

    For people, there are still far too few trainers and optimizers for good reason, except in high-performance areas such as elite sport; coaching is a right and obligation for every living being, rather than a way of running a business to pay off one's consumer lust.

    (also mentorship until parenting has developed into something that is taught at universities requires a driving license, to drive a boat, fire weapons and own dogs you need more quality and competence than to have and raise children)

    Smartness would be well-ness

    But we know that there is hardly any interest in this kind of smart people in the establishment and therefore the development in this regard is relatively slow and will only improve as the necessary demand for smartness increases through an increasing supply of this kind.

    Back to

    Game plan

    There is a lot of nonsense in business, but also exciting and useful methods and tools that can be useful for the company, the business that you are, and again the prevailing opinion is that human error, the optimization to become superhuman is something scary or sacrilegious.

    But these terms are to be thrown overboard at the end of the summer at Thanksgiving, we are simply trying to find the best way from A to B after we have defined and analyzed B. And there is an exciting basic concept besides the details that result from this.

    Just make more of yourself and your life. Disconnect from the Ants channel. Change your language level.

    Contrary to the whisperings of fact-ignoring religiosity, anchored in the pre-scientific past, and its political accomplices, it is to be assumed that we only possess one thing, and that we can see it as a whole, but which already makes a lot possible, far beyond the old plan predetermined for us.

    And more also has a lot to do with more time, although we take this for granted, you remember:

    Quality First!!!

    also have to strengthen the content basis. If you want to get to B, then take the shortest, fastest and most improved route that you have found.

    In terms of your whole life, this means multiplying yourself in a positive and not at all unromantic or unpleasant way, and it can be done very quickly and practically, for every man, woman and child, from the moment you empower yourself to do so.

    If your goal is to become a top programmer, then analyze the market and its best people and learn only from them, master classes are mandatory, nothing bleeds more than bad or average education.

    Kill the blacksmiths. Sleep with the blacksmith

    But don't just question things in the analysis phase, because almost every industry and almost every profession is teeming with inefficiency and de-optimized behavior, no wonder if people live according to the opposite principles.

    Analysis, quality control and sustainability of ICH AG and the life you produce or consume is the be-all and end-all in this fun and exciting board game

    Wake up and have a good time on this blue marble.

    We have found the smartest and most sustainable way from A to B and are now running as fast as we can organize it and as if on rails towards a hopefully even more amazing result than anyone could have imagined.

    Planning and vision should always remain flexible, but the article promised not just a small hand, outstretched and helpful, but the whole fruit basket for you and your friends alone.

    That was a lie. It's called marketing.

    No, I don't want to be that mean because there is enough fruit no matter what anyone tries to tell you.

    It's like with energy and food, there's already enough for everyone if you do it right. At least no one would have to die prematurely, everyone could be as happy as we want to be and will be.

    Let's improvise meanwhile.

    We have already made our way to our X, now it is time to reveal the next secret:

    You have an amazing amount of time:

    Depending on personal preference and biological background, 14-18 hours a day.

    You can use this, your greatest resource, so smartly and efficiently that it will rustle in the Smarter Planet forest. The consumption and optimization of time is perhaps the biggest aha. Various approaches are suggested in many self-help books, including by various gurus, but it is better to leave new religions, confusion, subjective other ME AGs on a bushel course aside.

    Time management is resource management, but whether it's a career goal or simply finding a partner, saving the world or writing a book, we have such a huge amount of time at our disposal, but of course we are often not aware of it because we are masters at wasting it. Ergo, we are born masters in everything else too, reasoning completed before it has even begun.

    The beautiful expression “passing the time” and “idling” already indicates that we see and propagate completely absurd methods and ways of living life as something useful, but that flies in the face of personal freedom if it is personal and remains free.

    18 hours a day equals 126 hours a week equals 6572 a year or depending on the circumstances but let's assume the good ones between twenty and ninety

    458 640 Hours

    So if you want to improve who you are more intensively or simply in this or that direction then the first question should be how much time you actually waste on junk.

    Junk people, junk work, junk media, junk food, junk thinking, junk future. End the junk times and you will have resources that make everything possible that you still desire even after analyzing it.

    That's why the Asians, despite their apparent rise, are born losers and in the end all their beautiful, smart girls will be in relationships with the somewhat usable Western men who, due to their lack of parenting skills, are no match for Fem-Swans and Vega Wondergirls.

    How is this supposed to help the single mother who doesn't know what to do with her time and is financially parched, or the shy nerd who just wants a nice girl, or the African village that is fighting for its own school and water treatment plant?

    Well, there are probably many African villages that faced similar problems and solved them. Usually, the single mother is not the first and only one whose experiences one can learn from. I'm not even talking about joining forces and working together to multiply time even more, they are already intuitively foreseeable. I haven't forgotten the shy nerd.

    Usually, a lot of time and resources have been invested intensively and despite many adversities on a problem, and its manifestation is proof of the opposite. Whether it is debt or timidity, dying markets like video stores or a lack of publicity, there were always opportunities at any minute to do things differently, to proceed more efficiently and in a more optimized manner.  

    Help is a different matter. Most of the time we have to march through the forest alone, whistling like Hansel and Gretel, because help so far has been focused on repairs to make things work again. The absurdly high coaching and trainer prices are a relic from that time.

    This article starts with a proud credo and certainly intends to fulfill it.

    If you want to multiply your life, which would not be a celebration of greed, but a refinement and removal of junk, which is not sustainable and is not efficient in the long term, then you have to look at the time and develop the power of decision, but with more time you have enough of that.

    1. Cut out the junk.  

    2.Use the resource time      

    3.Analyze and optimize your goals, your life, yourself.

    4. Get Mastered

    Because coaching and training is one thing, but the better the master, the closer you come to this principle and a new word should be invented for it. Mastering something should not be reserved for a few, we work with it in many areas and once again hardly any of it is transferred into everyday life or into human existence.

    And because a friend compared me to Scientology, some things seem too technical to her, she may be right at first glance because we are used to parroting, always acting in connection with this black and white concept of junk society, all the nuances behind it are, however, much more revealing and gradually become visible as soon as you leave the junk.

    Some call it soaring higher, others call it soaring, but neither assumption does the process justice and it is still difficult to explain in advance. How does a bird explain to an earthworm what it feels or sees when it flies?

    And if you suspect arrogance in these words, it is only because you have a preconceived opinion about the value or merits of birds or earthworms. Without earthworms, birds would not be happy at all. It is interesting to invoke both perspectives. Both life forms are equally valuable and exciting, unless you have to live on the same planet as Homo Sapiens.

    What happens now is a natural process. It multiplies your life. As soon as you

    Choose smart food on all levels instead of junk food

    the time and you master, everything explodes in a bright WOW.

    All the possibilities that are available to you, all the variety and excitement, all the adventures and realizable dreams are within reach, endless doors are opening, guides and masters are trying to help, lead, support, because these are the principles on which the future will be based and on which life has been based for much longer than those somewhat regrettable but probably necessary millennia since we first came into the position of being able to shape things extensively.

    By the way, complaining is junk food

    Inappropriate if you are not suffering from a serious illness, homelessness in a country close to winter or being cooked by cannibals. What are all these crabs supposed to think of us moaning about how much the new cell phone costs or that flights are already too cheap, too cheap.

    Practical Magic, or results of a practical nature, emerges very quickly, as shown in Education:

    If you study 30, 40, 50, maybe even 60 or 70 hours a week and pay attention to the quality of your learning process and your teachers and strive to achieve the best possible content according to your goals, then you will explode as I promised before.

    Because that is far more than 99 percent of people, mostly those who vacillate between complaining and rejecting what I suggest, are willing to do.

    You can find a practical application in all the articles about my 20,000 Hours Project, but I'm also thinking about something more material, like the Earthship Vision or similar projects; hat making is also a How to Multiply Your Life thing.

    The best thing about all of this is that you don't have to say goodbye to as much as you might think. Stay on Netflix but look for the quality that is very much available there and is also increasing in terms of quantity.

    And we are not caught up in the question of elitism and what this quality is, we are only talking about effects: Let us return to the image of the McDonald's consumer. In its most extreme form, everything has already been implemented partly scientifically and partly artistically, America is a single argument for my articles.

    If someone is interested in the annual training, some excursions take you to slaughterhouses, others to McDonald's and straight after to CERN. Particle accelerators and all of this with smart organization that makes it unnecessary to have someone pay for 5 thousand euros for a workshop who wants to learn smartness but pays that price. BLING.BLING.BLING.

    Find the mistake. It is a matter of course that I will pay my clients back the money they have invested at a certain point in their training. Because I am at least good enough to be able to live off the rising prices of the shares I bought with it if I had to. Anyone who gets paid to teach someone how to live is not good in this area.

    If I were a good teacher, one of these "masters", I would not be allowed to offer my customers overpriced workshops; a real master sends his customers home richer than they were before, and not just spiritually.

    5.Be open and diverse

    in everything I described.

    Diversity and cybernetic thinking are easy to learn if you simply open yourself up to basic scientific findings and pay less attention to political or social discourses that mostly belong to the junk category. The diet of ethical and smart coexistence is like plugging yourself into the future.

    The pinch of efficiency that I add here has the effect of chilli and LSD on the eve of the rocket launch to Alpha Centauri. I would consider it one of my lesser achievements, I don't want to criticise, I often find it very uncomfortable to address blind spots or horse's feet, we are all calibrated to kick each other in the ass or pat each other on the back, suck cock or lick ass, even our language is based on a completely misunderstood way of dealing with each other, hand in hand is very nice, but culture should sail into the new millennium on different foundations.

    Until we possess the coordination capabilities of a collective intelligence, individualization on ethical principles will be and will continue to be the better concept for a while.

    The ever-popular short description of how to multiply your life is to replace all the junk in it with smartness and strive to be a master. To share and care with an open mind and heart, to clear away the garbage and to build another, better, more beautiful world based on the beauty and joy of life that you discover behind it.

    It is only natural that I have more hope and affinity for the younger generation and the opposite sex; my male accomplices around the world are happily continuing to destroy the earth at the expense of our children's game, and think that it can be done with donations in kind at corresponding celebrations, the organization of which alone represents a paradoxical perversity.

    And no, I don't mean multi-billionaires who donate at least half their wealth because they understand the same things I'm writing about. I mean the junk producers and junk consumers.

    There are only imaginary guilty consciences, so one has to resort to new measures, hat-making, everything I do at any moment is one such measure.

    I apply most of my principles to my own life, focusing on Education and Share and Care, but since I have a lot of X and follow more of the Da Vinci principle it is not useful to share here.  

    It is useful to know that you are neither helpless nor alone in relying on the old ways of thinking, feeling, acting and living, learning whatever it is that is completely different and much more beautiful than you could ever imagine before you try it.  

    And you multiply the light in you and this world, with a simple shift in focus. A decision, a choice, for you and the planet. Welcome to Wonderland.

    Before I

    Take care and thanks for the fish

    say and leave you somewhat helpless and overwhelmed and confused and out myself as a satirist of the mental training scene and leave Amy Whitehouse alone for the rest of the day between the Premier League and social media marketing and delicious Jalfrezi and the occasional flirtation and travel planning, it is important to me not to have just written another of the countless self-help articles.

    That is why I want to continue the old tradition, my old tradition, inspired by Aleister Crowley, Robert Anton Wilson and whoever showed me the way back then.

    Dark Colorful Exercises

    from the nineties and propose and provide concrete measures and simple work on yourself or the environment:

    Remove the word I from your vocabulary and replace it with MONKEY.

    Or earthworm. Putin. Yoghurt. This exercise is old but good and with the replacement words it has been adapted to modern times. And it is more focused on empathy and diversity rather than transcendence alone.

    Do this combination of exercises for some time in different variations and I promise you amazing encounters of the fourth or fifth kind.

    If it doesn't meet your expectations, you can send it back to me within the first two weeks according to European law. I will try to exchange it to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    I’ll make you a time management genius…

    woman in black jacket wearing yellow knitted cap

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