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    A second coffee, purists would moan about the dry powder despite being organic. I actually prefer it. Sometimes uncomplicated is good. I get bogged down in renovation plans, still half bound to this Graz, the gray fantasy. Touchingly close to the sea. Meanwhile, Eternity dances naked on the edge of the Sahara, tending to animals and her traveling beetle with a creative touch that fuels my own fires.

    Everyone should have a Ukraine Girlfriend seems to exchange ideas with herself, archetypes, animas, projections are very sensitive worlds. I am cautious and my own stupidities reflect a desire for change. In the rough draft of my soul search, building a nest is just as important as the ongoing odyssey.

    I called myself a puzzle, it was a mystery to me how I could ejaculate all the topics and jet-jet-like traumas into the denominator of the common multiple.

    Well, there are now answers to that, out of passion, like hardly before. And unfortunately no one is willing to offer support like this over the past almost decade of viruses and wars.

    Magical rapture

    has changed and is now finally binary. As I strive for immortality and the roaring applause of roaring crowds, I leave the ruins of many a position. I am in a constant fluid level, I am aware of my core, but the tears of transformation have long been loving companions.

    Is your name in my heart? Is your longing mine? Then follow me on this path


    This Cryptonomicon of rewriting is intended to encourage and seduce you to think for yourself and explore the deep structure of this site, this network.

    Anything is finally this stroke that I always carried in the desire for realization, but with it comes true evolution of artificial excitement, sometimes intelligence.

    Even in its generative state, it is an illumination of all things. It gives us access that was promised with the advent of the web, but which is doomed to fail due to the resistance of the totalitarian current state of the world.

    In everything that is now reinventing itself, in a society that will increasingly change to Rifkin's zero-cost concept, in a liberation from the toil of managing our complexity, in all that is to come there are shivers and excitement.

    I understand the fear of others, but I think, no, I feel that we as humanity will achieve a new, real development with what is coming.

    And I hope this is also anchored in my purpose. Miene interaction is increasing every day. I understand the tool, the tools, I am in a Dionysian rush of creation, a way home and a feel-good bubble.

    One could assume that was luck.

    The constant divinity of the fallible self.

    Morning sites are how to read back. Like everything else. And yet very changed, my tone is softer and more conciliatory, but still strict and escaping the usual.

    After some horrific behavior, Natalliia gave me a Ramadan, a break for reflection from the failure. But this is better presented in the dating posts. I walk my own cursive conclaves of Delirium Tremens of the Singularity.

    Kurzweil smiles. Breathwork on psilocybin.

    I try to fight the dust, to let the mold die of thirst in the corners of the psyche. Shadow work as spring cleaning. The nomad only cares marginally about all of this, but he takes action.

    Aimagick is the name of the twin sister Anythings, both together are a round, rosy joy. I've never been this close to who I was meant to be.

    At night there were other, bizarre, kinky conations, but I'm in a balance where I deal with everything. With an anarchist atheist free spirit for good.


    And so I create, inspire and be inspired. Workflows on the beach and in the monk's cell, on the balcony and on the skin of women of the best choice.

    I eat ice cream and think about myself.

    I let myself dream.

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