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    shows more than any other variant of my topics my own weaknesses and disadvantages but also how to overcome them.  It is probably the non-fiction that seems to be the first to be practically marketable and the easiest to get to mainstream publishers, or not.  Who cares about this in freedom?

    The following text is also intended as a kind of treatment for one or another person responsible in the publishing business or as a pitch for various crowdfunding activities. Off the cuff into the pragma fragment.

    May my Robinson Syndrome forgive and delight with its strange language. How do I stay productive in the city life in all these madhatter homes around the world. Or did you think I only had one?

    Dear decision maker,

    My project is based on the experiences of many 40-60 year olds and a population group that is willing to make changes and is open-minded and looking for help.

    Personally, I prefer younger personalities for other reasons and am only talking about the target audience in your sense.

    In the publishing marketing speech:

    Even if I am obliged to provide the correct and pre-cut treatment with a smug one

    Let's see what you think here is the link, have fun

    If I get rid of it and get very specifically into the crosshairs of the potential and potency of the project, please don't be mistaken by the phrases I choose here.

    With nice, sloppy, relaxed editing

    I am ideally suited to be a nice and mindful Sufi master of the tricky and tricky 60s and 70s generation, even without any formal training in leadership.

    I have to honestly admit to myself and to a possible you that I will be much more sympathetic to women here than to the man of the Middle Ages, who represents quite well what I insult Blog post in, Blog post out.

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