Niel Gaiman's observations from the last row

    He is to blame and will remain so.

    Not only since Neverland did he help me light my own street lamps, so let's be clear, I haven't been a fan of anyone since I was thirty. Some call it growing up. But I begrudge him every award because what he does is based on a very, very deep mycelium, that is something written with passion and pomegranate juice pressed into pictures. CGJung is constantly smiling with him for the next dance

    Altar room of forgotten psychology

    And our characters, the ones we assume on earth are equipped with skills in a constant role-playing game, as thiefs, as queens, as necromancers or hobbits, go through a life that prohibits exactly that, well, the good Mr. Gaiman writes against it , he reaches out wide and


    Then he takes them into magical reality and doesn't even need a fantastic book or comic, but simply collected nonsense to develop its flair. Unfortunately it's just like this:

    You either have it or you don't, even if self-publishing suggests otherwise. And success was never a criterion.

    As with some series, you suddenly end up with the biggest smile in the small town, in the big city you wouldn't need that, and you wouldn't need a triple bottom when there's a planetary earthquake, but whatever, what did I just want to celebrate, oh, according to Mr. Gaiman, when he writes about a thousand things, with science fiction and fantasy and many ladies and gentlemen from the scene, which I would probably avoid, but I think interviewing Stephen King is too tempting, and yes, also with The King had an impact on me, right at the beginning, with this psycho stuff that had seeped in from the old works and his On Writing, that was an important workshop.

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