Pragma fragment

    Modern Magic Pragma Fragment

    Never without. What we have to use is the cleaned, unused spiral of thinking and acting with which to push the inner changemaker into reality. This is the all-important story of decoupling or not.


    Pragmafragma seems irreplaceable, it is the endlessly self-conscious world as it is. A constant, colorful, self-determining coming and going of everything. Judgment-obsessed, judgment-free. World that suddenly looks at each other.

    After ten thousand years of dangling from a tree and a few dozen attempts to walk upright, we are now mouse-clicking wonders and sometimes intelligence agents. It is beyond imagination what this may mean and create in the long term. The square root of the rocket freedom.

    Pragmafragma is what we get used by the prescience people, it is entirely constructed by the prescience people, MS-DOS for quantum computers.

    But that doesn't mean that we can just be let fly. 


    and its inhabitants are in labor. Contraception didn't work. Pandora's box is swelling and will still produce a lot of interesting things and wonders, even if the second day of creation seems to have only just begun.

    And they still come all over the country to use their bullshit pragmatic fragment wherever they can. 

    The removal and reinsertion of a newer model therefore appears to be lysis. The initiation to a new understanding of being is not a matter of age, race, color, shape. Maybe we even confuse what consciousness actually is.  

    When I learn to reprogram myself, to redsign in the sense of things inspired by modern magic, when I share these dynamics and levels of experience with the society of the Pragmafragma and interact with them, my new model protects me from switching back to the old pattern when I reach a certain level of maturity . 

    The lack of understanding that may arise from word choice and language patterns is ironically intentional.

    But making an effort to express something even more amazing here and clearly, a process that I allow and to blossom confusedly but freely.

    What is happening is beyond all this and that


    The aim here is to construct a kind of bridge of creation. A reality fib bunker.

    The anti-social lack of attachment becomes the connected of a Sense 8, a different “we” feeling. But before that we have to bleed ourselves to death. Enlightment is cancelled, golden bricks are the lies of the old grease-dripping town musicians. The Bavarian idiot. Hurray, now it's time for the Oktoberfest gnome.

    However, as long as life forms that are programmed in a pragmatized and fragmented manner that are well-disposed to the pre-sense flood society are bred with pre-sense knowledge, pre-sense flood materialism, pre-sense flood ethics, pre-sense flood emotions, pre-sense flood organizational structures, the pragma fragment is also questionable from a pragmatic point of view, which slowly brings us closer to the diversity of the word game without fully living out the aha effect in this phase want.

    One of the questions that arises in all of these change situations will always be about right or wrong, about the correct or sensible selection of the new brainware, the bodyware, whatever is best, and whether best is important in itself. 


    Leaving something open, light, permeable, free, unforced, that is the art of living and loving in the future, creating and shaping in fleeting times and world formats. 

    It starts with the most minimal theory of responsibility, but all of today's pragmatics is in the abyss and morass of the flood of prescience. She has to get annoyed by completely insignificant variables and a kind of absurd joke and situation has arisen, which, for example, even the minimum level of healthy and sensible nutrition that has begun to be verified scientifically and ethically on a planetary level can only find justification and distribution in filter bubbles able because one


    turns into a protective, foolish romanticism that closes eyes, ears and all a hundred other senses from reality, unwillingness to change and talking more complicated than it actually is.

    How many percent of those who indulge in the insanities between religion, ideological faith communities, economic greed or banal hedonistic stupidity and entertainment art that are so often shown here actually have children to whom they have to/should leave a functional world? How many citizen pensioners grandchildren?

    I dare say: a lot of it. The psychopathic lone perpetrator is never the problem. It's a lot of bullshit.

    And the change makers in this garbage have to make sure that no clitoris are cut and no breasts are ironed?

    The abuse of the present is a crime, the tears of Sisyphus are omnipresent. Promoters of stupidity step up!! To your last Canossa.

    Because of course my phantasmagoria, which oscillates between angry and sarcastic, is not the solution monument.

    The precise ones have to calculate that. Place your wing strokes in the right places and use the utmost pragmatism like in a snooker game.


    about such a move will be. Piketty more important than Goethe.

    And so it is done and not done with all things, the future and their vitality in it are casually made more difficult or even prevented for all future generations due to self-conceit and pragmatism.

    Now ask why pragmatism will save the world. Because there can also be a modern one. Even if it is only beginning to spread. And many fall into the same traps in change.  

    We expect too much in too short a time, we work with the old in us for the new, a dynamic that is doomed to fail.

    The momentum has also come here to take a step back, all you social workers, refugee workers, Doctors Without Borders, ask yourself better and more consistently why you are always just filling the holes.

    Nurses? They couldn't be without you for a day and would have to fulfill EVERY of your demands.

    When will union leaders' accounts be opened? Do you think Panama was more than the top?

    These are not future strategies that die in beauty of the soul while the Murdochs and Putins of this world dance their bizarre tango. But it's clearly ambiguously tough bread for everyone else.

    Adjust and Rethink the Common Sense of What We Are, criticism is only acceptable in action, complaining is not an option. Dark circles and fat wrinkles from the economic miracle illuminate the chains that no longer meet the requirements of awakening and on which we flutter like maggots in bacon, like crabs in a cooking pot.

    Get out and use a new pragma fragment. Your own being instead of the Ant reality. Let's leave the romance of helping and repairing behind, use the flow of a pleasurable necessity, no kneeling is what Marbles Blue preserves. Red-green dreaming has bogged us down, but

    There is a way

    and you can see the sweat beads of the toxics bubbling in the overflowing madness of today. Rammstein in aspic.


    But, but, not so radical please, we have to be able to talk to each other. There are always reasons for human behavior and there is something good in everyone.

    No, it doesn't, no, we don't have to.

    You even misunderstand the word radical like the rest. Street fighting is stupid, terrorism is stupid and thinking you can change something without freeing yourself is a bad tweet.


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