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    As an author, Blog , content creator with journalistic standards and a political standpoint, I ultimately see myself as a nomadic (life) artist and coach/mentor, focusing on human and animal rights, consistent change activism as well as art and satire as a means of rebellion.

    Future-oriented, diverse, free-spirited

    and acknowledging the complexity of the world instead of simply ignoring it. Anarchist by nature, but pragmatic to the point of being tongue-in-cheek. A mediator in all the isms and ology labyrinths.

    I search for and design new concepts, strategies, emphasizing the common good, mindful, crowd-invoking, exchanging ideas, with the vision of a positive transformation of the world. Self-image intelligence agent. Morning designer.

    Out of the box like my agency of the same name, intentionally fictional for the time being, but grounded for the rest of reality, which still defines us as a species.

    My texts, projects and activities are based on ideals and mindful ethics. I don't shy away from confrontation or uncomfortable behavior beyond back-slapping bubbles. This also applies to leftists, eco or positive bubbles, who have long since become too lost in themselves to keep track of things.

    Anything in a Nutshell is a new attempt and at the same time a hub that summarizes everything that has been created in the last 5 years. I just like to do it.

    Your polyamorous, Dionysian fantasist. Minimalist hiking whore and urban monk. Bohemian wolf. Madhatter. Loki.

    My spectrum ranges from art-soaked desire to write and anger to heart-moving projects between Artflut, Change Now or Enough. But above all, I am amazed at how diverse and extensive my inner and outer puzzle has become.

    Everything is cast in travel and word as well as image magic and their transformative power, resistance against the gray comfortable conformism that insists on lying to itself and us all into the future.

    Society doesn't make me uncomfortable, unfortunately it's just in a very grueling present, racing and at a loss in both big and small ways.

    Always and Everywhere

    Born under this star of expression, driven and hungry despite my fear of the masses and their effects.

    Building and manifesting original visions has proven to be a complex and time-consuming undertaking that I would like to take to a new level for my 52nd birthday.

    Actually, in order not to fail forward like before, you have to.

    But support is necessary for this. As an anti-capitalist social economist, I don't want to ask for too much. I get used to the fact that a paywall is almost the new normal.

    My way of living and acting requires very little, two Samsonites, a small home base, happy to share, travel around, network, inspire.

    My ultimate goal is to finance art and activism worldwide through and with my community in order to be able to act as a connector and designer without restrictions from the establishment and the mainstream.

    I want to become a relevant change maker and motivate and encourage others to do so.

    The membership is kept simple, with a few hundred supporters and sponsors everything would be covered. Transparency is the duty of the anti-corruption fighter. Surpluses can be managed directly using community surveys.

    Browse deeper into my texts, reports and projects, including early access to books in development, multimedia productions or projects and their management.

    Additional benefits await you, such as discounts on workshops or services from social media management to coaching. A shop, a kind of cabinet of curiosities with individual products, is also planned.

    Community definitely, although I have learned that it seems difficult to implement. But I offer all the tools we could need.

    But why fantasize more in advance, everything is currently in transformation and movement, I am fluid by nature and that is also reflected here.

    Anything in a Nutshell is my personal Neuschwanstein, I tinker, develop, dream and design, it would be nice if you supported me.

    If you prefer other support options, I can offer Bank Order, Paypal Me , Buy me a Coffee or Steady / Patreon , although these have their own rules and sometimes different content although the standard membership on Anything in a Nutshell is included.

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