That was just what I wanted, now I never want it anymore

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    I've been dreaming of a completely new text for a while now, even if the revisions of the old ones and distribution to the various Blog will keep me busy for a while, the pipeline is filling up with the blood of my foams, everything is during social media and webmaster work for a Styrian NGO remained below my possibilities, but still shaky, okay, but unfortunately it proves once again that

    All these valuable organizations, clubs and community projects suffer from quixotic stupidity and obsessively defend them. I know this dilemma from the time when I tried to make it clear to the esoteric, psychological and wellness industry that the Internet and homepages are the future.

    My idea to get back into consulting in these industries for digital marketing, social media management or modern websites instead of throwing the good guys to the advertising wolves for overpriced food remains, but daily sighing is included.

    The sharp view is nevertheless still a cynical one and in the end everyone makes themselves as comfortable as possible, artists and social enterprises depend on the drip of the state and civil service bureaucracy instead of acting innovatively.

    And on a small scale, dealing with Covid has already shown in which corner of the imagination my colleagues and superiors are fluttering. Of course, due to their listless disinterest, they will never read this slightly winking aside, because no one is really interested in what cheap labor does beyond being underpaid thinks or does for pleasure.

    They clearly care more about frogs and mayflies than about supported free employees. I know the same phenomenon from my community service and the accidentally discovered black accounts of the elderly care association at the time are a casual memory.

    How Ever

    I don't bother you anymore. I only had to briefly switch from smiling to grunting so as not to give the impression that I was being influenced by ethical proximity. I'm continuing to use this strange but development-filled year to fulfill various hopes. Next, after finishing the home base, maybe even moving, traveling has become a catch-up focus.

    But we have to realize that times are changing and the backpacker is increasingly dissatisfied and overwhelmed, the digital nomad is more of an illusion that has to act differently than in the hectic Interrail rally between time and other pressures.

    Basically, it's the writer and Blog who will be left. I have no interest in stupid repetition of all the bullshit activities that others are content with. Content creators horror.

    Art is my life, sometimes Sex and Revolution too, but at the end I have no intention of burning up in an activist burnout because the endless stupidity of people near and far is shredding my soul like a landmine. Kills the nerve.

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