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    Revolution Welcome to the Sherwood Forest

    At the Graz train station in the Köflacher part there is a beautiful, proud, big rabbit hopping over the rails, stopping every now and then, listening, commenting on what is happening. In this part there are mainly painted cars and freight wagons, I wish him a companion and imagine that A small population could develop here, he himself seems to be doing well, there are small green islands here and hardly any dangerous birds of prey nearby.


    are demarcated by chain link fences. He looks strong, not a cat victim. I'll try feeding them a little, I think game also has the right to a feast from time to time.

    And the balance isn't right when there's one bunny for every dozen people, I'm curious whether he's interested in traveling, probably not so far, but I'm even more so at the moment, even though I'm constantly rebooking due to Covid, re-planning, skeptically sorting out the most sensible options, but actually knowing it doesn't have to be that way.

    And I feel like the Dionysian parties that were promised to me in hibernation, but here too it's better to let the longing hobble on its crutches to nowhere and remain a refugee with brains in the boat.

    I have to expand on this when I get the chance; it seems more important to me to dust off the level of intensity, to give insights into the back end of this Blog , which is not oriented towards values ​​and miracles, but rather towards being the best possible human being for a humid, happy coexistence initiative that doesn't get messed up before the potent things of an Olala future.

    And yet we all know what's going on.

    Death is a master from Wuhan.

    So while everything is now being invested in millinery as millinery, so that the station rabbit would like it, one can give the Robin Hood metaphor its space, which is factually packaged in the usual brilliance. 

    Sherwood Forest means that we let our selves act fairly, that we are incorrect and highly political, that we are not prepared to accept the constant rape of our brains, our poisoned bodies or our cheated wallets to an unacceptable extent any longer AND that we still do not achieve the same thing You have to mutate as an asshole, so that you don't dig in with the people and stultify them, but rather you act actively, proactively, shady and precise. Activists also need a new drive. 

    In my favorite tiramisu speak essay

    “Left the Right”

    This is still mapped out in black and white thinking, which I don't find uncomfortable at all.

    But if one analyzes the intellectual and moral primitiveness of these three-quarter monkeys without prejudice, unfortunately the need to disarm them arises.

    In the Forest we want to go further, we are dealing with the need for a large-scale, smart resistance concept against a leadership class that has long since fallen out of control and is better recognized by its depravity than by its political statements, which twist and turn as required.

    It is a character question, THE ONE that now needs to be asked, even if on the one hand we have been persuaded to act sensibly and thoughtfully, everything is based on the values ​​of the humanistic Enlightenment, which are being trampled on and directed more and more loosely and arbitrarily by those who mean them. 

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