When is a Blog a Blog ?

    About Creator Notes When is a Blog a Blog ?

    Covid Times talked me into a groundhog, the war in Ukraine turned me into a geopolitician, somehow disturbing, but also good for neurobalancing, diving into other dimensions, it's also important to rationalize offline perversities, to send the inattentive system gaps as a detonator, to steal things from the masterminds, to fill this little word Resistance with life.

    The transit becomes wider and wider than

    Summer full of imagination

    and every bargain and bargain tells me a spank below the belt. Like that.

    Freshly shaved, I have no desire or ambition to make technical and relevant compromises with the tragedy of humanity beyond the preservation of the species, and even the preservation of the species appears to be denounced by too many imponderables.

    But I like things, values ​​and visions from which you can build a sense of togetherness, near, far, below, which doesn't rule out the fact that I simply play dead when living beings make demands that are too strange or underestimate my sensitivity to light.

    The Mindful Traveler, for example, is a new one

    Crusader in Söllner look

    But as beautifully as all the dream lines of this world have now been immortalized in my soul, my travels are currently ethically curtailed, awareness as a curse.

    Sensation Seeker's joys, drifted in the hope of existing paths free of toxic baggage. Wonderful escape, Andrew Tate had an easier time even if they finally choked him.

    Let's see how this all works out, feminist and political tendencies are more important to me right now, I'm screaming in anger inside, and that's also why I love blog . It is compatible, free, and the shadows cast by taboo guilt are hesitant.

    There is room for the activist dance here, I am always amazed why I should submit to myself online more than offline, where the human tendency to castrate themselves comes from. Everything is still possible, you don't need the dark web, no onion addresses and panic is inappropriate.

    The windmills are placed on both sides like chess pieces, I think neither side is aware that we are heading into a post-real future,

    and everyone thinks they are competent, not!

    Seen from space, however, we have other ifs and buts.

    This is one of the focuses of my network, some subs and Blog are otherworldly, metadimensional. Antilocalized. The intuitive and unexpected choice of protagonists from real personas, with insurance numbers, to those who call themselves Bunnygod, Alice in Transition, Miss Nietzsche, Cheshire Cats Collective, Loki, Saraswati, Konrad Lorenz, is also the only way to get out of this To keep out the nonsense that we are all confronted with every day and also to have the flattering potential for absurd successes with absurd material.

    All of this is also the expected hacker attack on the wasteland of the banal in contemporary literature. More cut-ups may get into unnecessary fisting, but we try a bit

    Painting in Real. Stand up for words, cash them like checks.

    And I can still follow the other orders. Everything stays within a non-poodle frame, Austria, Styria, Milky Way, uncertainty relations, hell.

    Slow thinking in fugues

    We look at the chunked levels if necessary, Blog has become a shockingly feminine (forgive gender) banality, in the German foodie and tear drama watered-down mockery quality vomit between the very last, so one hopes to give something invigorating to a disaster.

    A bitchy coffee and cake visit.

    It's rezzot with cheap stuff in Pussybay. Sadbad.

    Viva Pennyred. Lovely hard fact role model against the sheep.

    No, I think it could be better.

    And if good and true things manage to slip through, one can doubt at the latest in the commentary, which I emphasized by mentioning the emphasis on values:

    German unculture has been transformed to new heights, it will soon reach what Gabalier and Merkel, Laschek and Nadoo, what Kurz and actually depict my grief, a decline, a low point of all discourse on every level, a completely drying up gene pool that should be so happy to get some freshness but would rather whine.

    A kind of Boris Bolsinaro. Precht instead of Brecht, that says everything about the state of the times.

    What does the success of series made in America and the loneliness of Babylon Berlin, the sad tower in the surf named Arte, say about the rubbish dump of European and, above all, German contemporary skills?

    I don't want to talk about Hungary and the like, I don't see Europe there, just dull mush of Mordorian gloom.

    Don't give me the exception of which I know, Blog has never really arrived in the languageless web 3.5 agency embarrassments that are here in German-speaking countries and orders to fart in urinals, blessed with a creativity that, without funding and casually embarrassing price-fixing, is hardly the case with preschool paper fails to distinguish.

    German quality is a Prussian tampon. Eternally the same as state-led centrists, the country in which a Schröder can be a social democrat. Joke without.

    Let's sail better.

    An Indonesian freelancer will do you 10 dollars better than what is considered the masterpiece of web development in Vienna or Berlin, social media campaign.

    It doesn't matter, but in the Blog I would like to encourage (!) a little bit of bringing new perspectives into society.

    Just be very gentle, get out of the crouch in front of or sometimes behind the payment barrier for survival reasons, be careful with your words, you can learn a little bit from the right-wingers, that it makes sense to rush off with a grip and underhand, the adrenaline comes with the jump, in front of it is feared to death and written.

    But what's surprising if eighty million because of warning lawyers


    instead of trashing their stalls.

    If you only get upset when the schnitzels taste bitter.

    It remains to be seen when a Blog becomes a Blog , I think the next phase of the stroke of genius is a more social one, I am much closer and more loving than the language dictates would suggest, whether in hat-making or serious sexing, in curating anything.

    This one is very willing to compromise if there is a bit of honesty and authenticity involved.

    This Multidimensional Blog is designed to be timeless, revisions are like evolution in the constant froth of quantum. Actually, even authorship gets in the way, but whoever is living is just tinkering with life.

    Blog could be an art form, but it is not even recognized in its own right, every provincial journalist is more respected, intern level is conquering standard columns, the technical college syndrome is spreading. 

    Wallowing up, so to speak, startup culture but as it usually goes, the copy of a copy of a copy, the Schmiedl from the Schmiedl from the Schmied. 

    Back to the core. Blog flickers off, he won't squirm and stop comfortably, he'll go to the balls of this mascara mentality. I have really mean beautiful plans for all the horribly tame mainstream drivel, let's ignite the inner one


    to conjure up the second stage, in the burning summer sanctum of sensualism.

    ThiRSTY Swings.

    The language levels of German have enough power, I despair more at the unevenness of the citizens, the raffle ants placed next to them, there is a lot in the coffin at this time, but ever since I had to wait for buses in Paris Bercy I have adored Munich as my personal Singapore.

    This and the sub Blog derived from it will change, turn, wonder and rage, a Blog only becomes a Blog when you don't care about the next visitor and what might surprise them, are not afraid of rejection, do your thing, sharp-edged , free, doesn't pretend to be Kickstarter important with the hundredth dress code palaver and the associated content free pic.

    Because it's time to turn this madhouse into something full of life and love and laughter and usefulness, for more than the next hedonist cock-call service, for perhaps a generation or three or four.

    Just throw yourself away if you're too weak for words, what else can you do, the current influencers will hopefully soon be punishable stupidities and have been changed by something(!) who should be borrowed another term even though they could mean something similar, unbought by greed ,

    Greed is the problem

    The beauty that needs to be recaptured, the freedom and pleasure of entire cultural (hi)stories, it is the long-term investment, I am less worried than ever before, I am just naming seven.

    In any case, you are not invited if I had to bend my words and here editors and mousers were to offer their bazaar mentality to an unconquered empire. No, thank you, even in the Tehran of the rutting, I would rather experience more honor than where Blog has to begin:

    The simplest, most basic, the basic for thousands of years. Anarchist acts for all living beings, a round table.

    Smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck God. Which doesn't exist. Except for the self-existent Bunny One. A big pile. And then we'll try to get a bit of perspective with emotional stability through Global Citizen Hugging and Talking, first of all

    Cocks asked to Cockland/cage.

    Oh, girls with or without or without, let's let the hormones take their shine.

    Origami polygamy

    More colorful bed psychosis

    Every word stolen from Olympus is, as always, a flutter for nipples, a bit of Bitch Doctrine standardized with Shakespeare in a Snow Crash.

    I appeal. Box Dick out of honor. The pseudo-sultry irony of the day is my fear of being shot in the back room unread.

    But finally i will taunt a shakti and a maid.

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