Amazing Awakening

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    Wherever you look. And countries, regions or institutions often stand out that you would not expect in this context, but the fact is that the world is distributed differently, that West and East, South and rich, North and poor become a common whole in which the positive developments clearly predominate.

    The sometimes very questionable focus of the mass media on bad news and problems has led to a development in which human fears and drives are focused too neurotically. Whether this is interpreted as a self-fulfilling prophecy or a master plan of old structures remains to be seen, there are already enough approaches to change this on the preservation levels. No, I'm not on colored pills, I haven't had Goldilocks tea, the glass is neither half full nor half empty. We live in a cocktail bar. With a dark side alley.

    Backward-looking decision makers

    and so-called leaders will only stop the subtle streams of possibilities but in no way prevent them. The real problems are not those of climate protection or regional sources of conflict, geopolitically frayed and regurgitated ad nauseam. Good for arms dealers or Saudi princes, but really meaningless.

    They consist in mastering the miraculous and an acceptable, fair distribution of added value that cannot even be estimated in the future development.

    But it will go beyond any form of previous human wealth.

    Every economist would be delighted with this because an explosion in knowledge and creativity will also mean an explosion in growth. The ecologists' horror is based on past process assumptions.

    A single invention from a still unknown start-up, a particularly cheeky LLM, an , a single small invention can turn the entire global economy upside down, massage the reflex zones, and penetrate the unknown in a socially acceptable way.

    We are in

    What the fuck age

    whether we want to or not.  

    The losers are not those who currently see themselves as such, but will be those who are committed to yesterday, to an untenable situation that completely blocks their path in the future by refusing to take part in this evolutionary leap.

    Driven by one's own filter bubble, an incestuous behavioral pattern of protectionist and reactionary loneliness emerges that will implode in their self-fulfilling refusal, extinction in the truest sense of the word.  

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