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    determined the last days in excess. I come back as if from a real workshop, almost disappearing into the DVD recording of the name from 2005 in Berlin, a kind of time travel, a kind of advanced binge watching and only difficult to understand because I was really wrapped up and focused between the hotel room and the 4 days of the workshop have something that hardly seems to be noticeable in my current Urban Monk lifestyle, but that's a different wailing wall chatter on other glands.

    I feel like I've had a hard day

    Weekend with Isabella

    After these, I feel the need to catch up on a few things, to catch up again as I call it, both variants are natural and will alternate more often, whereby I also notice how much I love this learning and studying state of the withdrawn artist and consciousness researcher, even though I love it the outside, the foreign, the new and the tempting calls and large parts of me long for it.

    But there are internal priority lists, memory palace structures that I only gain access to, locked doors in the command center marked Top Secret.

    And if I am immediately in the story, in a visual and kinesthetic representation of what began as a metaphor and becomes reality-touching through writing, in the broadest sense simply language, then this is for unexpected but meaningful reasons.

    One of my easiest agreements, ABOUT - EARNINGS, the gift you could say to mention one of the first movies with meaning from PRE-COVID, is the ability to put into language what I mentally or whatever experience and recognize, research or am told .

    I am also able to adapt hypnotically and my ambitions as a trainer and coach will require many more such workshop weekends. More than that, force it.

    But really no ambitions to make the same bullshit to find young friends Chris 😛      

    However, I should also create better organization and planning, better mind maps and constructions in and around myself, which will give me the joy needed to be motivated and committed to dancing at all these weddings.

    First machines

    have already been built for this purpose. Living Easy Machines, so to speak, is the concept behind it and integrated into my own system.

    As with the more detailed and specific audio tapes I have in mind, the potential that lies in such tranceworks and programming files is almost infinite. I look at the master thief Richard Bandler, whose web presence seems surprisingly banal and weak, his charisma is also photoshopped and he seems like an outdated fringe (joke) figure, which surprises me very much.  

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